Flagships Vs Value Flagship Smartphones

For example, I would say the issues in phone 6, Z, 1, +, 7, etc are value fractured, so let’s first define. What do we mean by value fraction – and this is personally according to me – a value flagship – should have a very good processor, a flagship kind of a processor, but … Read more

Flexible _ Unique Smartphones Announced

Let’S talk about the hottest smartphones that were announced in 2019, 50 MW CES here and Samsung also did their major event, and I think this year the trend is of that for level what he says smartphone. Second, we first saw that with Samsung and wheeling their galaxy fold smartphone in u.S. In San … Read more

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR The Camera Difference

I didn’t find a huge difference, though. Yes, the iPhone Levin has the new a 13 Bionic chip. This has the e 2, and the thing is that even the iPhone 10, our 8 12 Bionic check of chip is actually reliever and other things both have a 6. 1 inch LCD screen. In fact, … Read more

How Much Smartphone You Should Buy

Let me talk about how much you should invest in a smartphone, and this is going to be a very, very kind of article coming from a tech, reviewer and I’ll. Tell you some of the pitfalls that I see. Many youngsters doing when they are buying the smartphones and I don’t want to get … Read more

Honor Band 5 A Good Budget Fitness Band

What do I feel about this one – and this actually sells in India for about two thousand six hundred rupees and it’s available via flip card I’ll leave the link in the description below for your reference. So, let’s quickly have a look at this one, and this is the box and you also … Read more

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