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PhonePe App mainly used for transactions money from to another one by through online . We can easily transfer nominal money in an easy way.

Did you know how it works?

In olden days we pay money or we get money by the bank only then, later day by day our world technical increase very well so . In part of that the person’s who introduced phonepe is Sameer nigam, Rahul Chari Burzin engineer this are people who founder of phonepe app . The headquarters of the phonepe app is an banglore, India       How to install phonepe app for Android and iOS: there are several steps to install or download phonepe app.they are ;

  1. we need a proper internet connection and mainly mobile signals too.
  2. open playstore & type phonepe then click on install option.
  3. while accessing it so many permission to use the phonepe app.
  4. we need to our own personal phone number which is linked with our bank account.
  5. turn on the location while using if , it necessary for us.
  6. open the app and select our  bank account details then automatically it generates a OTP immediately then , use it for login purposes.
  7. set pin which you used to login and again a pin which is used for transactions also.
  8. after close the app it requires one more permission called while opening a pattern or a password must need it to open our phonepe.
  9. make sure that you interest connection is proper why because if anything happens the whole account will be blocked.

These are the main steps to install & login to the phonepe app for Android and iOS.

Facts about phonepe app for Android and iOS:

It is very simple and friendly user interface to every user . The best for online transactions and we didn’t need waste our time. Why , because everyone is busy with own lifestyle it makes as simple .this will have a limited on money to transfer and when we use wrong pin it automatically blocked the whole account for few minutes then , again when you reset your pin again it works as normal.

Customers services very fast regarding to this app . If , any problem will arrive we raise a request immediately within 24 hours the executive customer care will communicate with us and they will provide very accurate information about our raised issues . They with us until the problems solve then they request to give for feedback on future better service.

The apps authority people will provide customers care numbers & Email id to if, any issues with raised we call customer care service they will be there for us throughout 24/7 hours services. Finally, I would say that it is a wonderful & amazing app I ever know , it just takes a few seconds to transfer the money and provides a transaction I’d too if we have problems for transfer amount then we consult our bank then they asked us that problem one transaction I’d if we tell then, the bank executive solve our problems within in seconds if not within 24 hours they will resolve our raised issues.

Advantages for phonepe app for Android and iOS:

  1. no need to wait in queue for money in the bank’s.
  2. it is very simply and fast too.
  3. this app will works with proper format.
  4. we can pay payments by scan or by the mobile numbers.
  5. the securities is very Hard to access your without knowing us.
  6. phonepe will provide offers due to in the festival Times.
  7. we transfer money throughout the world.
  8. not only by customer number and We can transfer money for their account too.

Disadvantages of phonepe app for Android and iOS:

  • It can’t work without internet
  • proper number will be required otherwise we lose money or our account details.
  • while using this app the number & phonepe app have in same device.
  • when you pay someone make sure that the clear why , because once you pay work one the money can’t be get back.
  • It requires more permission to work and to do payments also.
  • The transactions will get delayed due the updation of the app.
  • once we enter wrong pin then , definitely we have our own  ATM card to restart the phonepe app for Android and iOS.

 Features of phonepe app for Android and iOS:

  • Easy transfer.
  • it’s very secure.
  • short and simple to learn .
  • while transfer have some proper. information for payments.
  • by the weekly the app getting updates.
  • the data & information will secured.
  • once the transaction done the total. information will saved for future reference
  • we can’t delete the transaction history.
  • this app will remains us what u did past. months transactions like recharge it will remain you that the pack over so , again recharge with the phonepe app.
  • the phonepe app will create a QR code for us for future benefits.
  • If we try to open our own phonepe app for payments it , requires a verify by our finger print or pattern or password to login purposes.


Now a days the money plays a major role in our society. We can’t even complete a day without money. More and more money can’t be produced in a short period of time so cashless transactions and purchases came into action. Regarding cashless transactions there are so many types they are internet banking , credit card pay ,debit card pay, etc,.

To make this type things there are apps like Google pay , Amazon pay ,What scan pay but the leading app is Phonepe app. At times of dangerous cases like now we are not even able touch each others so Phonepe app will help. Us to make touch free shopping.

It does not require any details of the recipient with only just phone number we can send money and also QR code scan pay is also available in this app.

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