iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR The Camera Difference

I didn’t find a huge difference, though. Yes, the iPhone Levin has the new a 13 Bionic chip. This has the e 2, and the thing is that even the iPhone 10, our 8 12 Bionic check of chip is actually reliever and other things both have a 6.

1 inch LCD screen. In fact, the weight is also the same. In fact, these weigh 194 grams, but the big difference that you see is here on the back. This one has a single rear facing camera. That’S a 20 megapixel with optical image, stabilization X, 1.8. This one actually has two, but the main camera is almost similar to this one, that this is also a 12 megapixel with F 1.8 optical image stabilization, but we also have that ultra wide-angle, that’s a 12 megapixel and also the front facing on this iPhone 11 is A 12 megapixel, whereas that was 7 megapixel on this one and yes, we know that the camera might be slightly better on the iPhone 11, but by how much is the question.

So what I did in the last two days took a lot of samples and very light conditions, articles etc, and I’m going to show you side-by-side so that you can judge yes, the camera is better on the iPhone 11 part by how much, let’s find out. So here are the sample side by side on the Left. We have the iPhone 10 R and on the right we have the iPhone level and, as you can see, outdoor lighting conditions, I did not find much of a difference between the two, as you can see.

Even the color reproduction and the sharpness is almost identical to each other, and I took multiple shots over the course of the day and again in outdoor conditions. As you can see, I found not a big difference, but now these are semi indoor conditions, and here also, I feel both of them held very well. But these is an artificial lighting conditions. Here. The iPhone level is slightly sharper. I would say by a very small margin, but yes, slight improvement in the iPhone 11 that we are are saying and again side-by-side again an artificial lighting.

Now again, the iPhone Levin has that wide-angle lens, whereas the terror simply does not have so. These are some of the samples that I took in that wide-angle lens now, moving to human subjects again in these again outdoor lighting conditions. Here, I didn’t find a lot of difference, as you can see between the two, as you can see very similar to each other. Yes, like improvement in the iPhone alone, but not by a huge margin again, the iPhone 11 has that wide angle lens, but is simply not present on the 10r.

So again, if you like that right angle and say you have no choice but have to go with the iPhone 11 and now moving to a front-facing camera. Here we see quite a bit of difference. The images on the 10 are are zoomed up, whereas iPhone Levin has slightly wider focal length, which I feel is better for selfies, because they look a lot more unnatural again and poke a both are doing actually a pretty good job.

Now I’m going to the most important test in artificial lighting, how do they do, and here I feel the iPhone level there’s clearly going really ahead notice. My t-shirt again notice how well it was lit up compared to the iPhone Dana, and this is what I have noticed – an artificial lightning here with human subjects. Definitely the iPhone 11 goes where these are very low lighting conditions, and this was in the book came more and again, as you can see, the iPhone 11 is clearly doing a far better job than the iPhone 10 are in difficulty lighting again the iPhone 11.

With that wide angle lens in artificial lighting conditions, the Eiffel 11 does a good job in even an artificial lighting biragi, and if it goes very low again, yes yeah, it won’t be that great now on the front-facing camera. This is again completely artificial lighting conditions. You are again, as you can see, we have that focal length the difference, so images on the 10r are slightly zoomed up.

I would say apart again, as you can see, both are doing a pretty good job, but if I have to pick one, I felt that iPhone Levin’s front-facing camera is slightly sharper, shooting the article side by side on the Left. We have the iPhone 10 R and on the right we have the iPhone 11 and I’m just going to do the same thing. Walking and both are set to the regular lens, so should be a reference of the focal length.

I mean you guys. Let me know if you are noticing any difference in color or sharpness or anything. Yes. Obviously, the iPhone Levin has the wide-angle lens, which this one does not have again. As you can see, this is in almost outdoor lighting to perfect conditions. So this should give you an idea about the article recording with the red facing. Can there now again doing a similar test on the Left? We have the iPhone @ nr and on the right, we have the iPhone 11 and I’m just walking what thing to notice that it slightly zoomed up on the iPhone tenor for some strange reason, whereas it’s not that zoomed on the iPhone 11.

That is something that I’ve noticed and, as you can see, I’m just walking around. So you give me an idea of which one do you think is better. I didn’t expect that the iPhone 10 are woods oom, so much in this article mode. But again, let me give you an idea, I’m walking, and this is handin, but you guys. Let me know what do you feel about this article recording with the front-facing camera? Now I’m recording this article with the iPhone 11, and this is the wide-angle lens.

We simply don’t have that option on the iPhone 10 are but yeah. This is the wide-angle recording and, as you can see, I’m just walking around to give me an idea. How would be the article again? This is a sample article with the wide-angle lens on the iPhone 11. So guys, as you saw, Eiffel 11 camera is definitely better, but again it was not that huge of a difference that I expected in outdoor conditions, if you saw both of them, were actually almost identical.

We didn’t find a difference. We only started noticing the difference of when the lighting fell in and this area in artificial lighting. Yes, the definitely the iPhone lemon goes way ahead in very low lighting conditions campaign compared to the iPhone tena and yes, sir, even the front-facing camera is slightly better on the iPhone 11. So I would say: yes, if camera is your highest concern and yes, obviously we have that ultra wide-angle on this one and the iPhone 11 is better.

But again, if you are sort of person who does not get that much about the camera, then the camera on even this iPhone 10 are, is not bad, and now the iPhone Tanner is selling for about what 44,000 or something I saw on Amazon today and iPhone Levin is about 64, but you can get it for about fifty nine thousand. So yes, there’s a price gap of about 15,000 and essentially, I would say, you’re paying that premium for the camera.

So you got to decide which one is better. I have used both these for them. Still, I would say the iPhone 10. Ah in terms of performance is no slouch. It’Ll get the job done, but I think you got to the side. The biggest differentiator would be the camera. In my Frank opinion, anyways guys. What do you think about this article? Do, let me know in the comment section below I’m also working on a very different kind of a article that I’ll post in the next few days, camera comparisons and stuff.

Various different brands will be pretty interesting, so again stay tuned for that and, if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that subscribe button. This is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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