iPhone 11 Unboxing _ Overview Product RED (Indian Retail Unit)

But again, if you have a HDFC card use that you can get six thousand discount anyway, except let’s see this is the 64 GB variant and it also comes in two other variants: 128 and 256 gigabytes. So, let’s open this up and I leave the length of Amazon in the description below guys and as you can see, this is red. This is product red, as you can see – and this is the successor to this one – this is the iPhone 10 R.

I had really like the iPhone 10 hour again. This is now I had a very good price again read my review for details about this is the phone itself and, as you can see, let’s see what else do we get? Even the pamphlet is the sales product red over here, as you can see over here, in partnership with Apple, to contribute, the portion of the iPhone purchase to global fund to supports HD, HIV and eight so again, special edition kind of a thing yeah.

This says hello, give us a brief idea about the product. We also get the sim ejector too, and some apple stickers. So I will just keep these thanks to this side and I’m happy to see that they are still bundling these here parts. This is lightning connector, because many of the other smartphone vendors are just removing it. So that’s what we get and we have still have the Lightning connector. They didn’t move to USB type-c, but this is what we get and I’m still soldering that they’re just still giving this five watt charger.

But if you go with the pro additions there, you are getting 18 what far charger. But the good thing is that this device does support fast charging up to 18 watt. So if you use that fast charger, you will get fast charging but start to see only 5 watt charger and the box. So that’s what we have in the box. So let me keep this to the side and let’s look at the set itself. Let’S peel this now it comes out on this nice to see that having in the back is also glass and you have the dual tone design.

It’S slightly lighter color over here and finally, we are getting of ultra wide angle lens on the iPhone and even on this one. We are getting that and the regular one in the pro you have, the third one, that’s actually a zoom telephoto. So this is the device itself, it’s still having a 6.1 inches screen in front. This is the iPhone 10 R if we notice god. This is surprising. This fixed eyeing a slightly shorter, the height.

That is surprising. I didn’t expect that, but yeah apart from that very similar, this is aluminum body or that you are getting and it’s in the same color. Let me give you a physical overview again. This is that aluminum body, as I was talking about – and here we have the volume. This is the power on/off button. Sorry, and this would be ours, some ejector, yes, technically, it’s dual sim with ECM functionality, but physically you can put just a single sim.

Many people ask me so that second signal is why II sell, and here we have the vents for the speaker, the lightning connector. And here we have the volume rockers and here that the famous iPhone to switch between the different. What is the silent mode, and that thing and back we have the Apple logo, and it also says product right over here. So that’s what it is and let me just power it on guys – and this also has stereo speakers and we get that Apple logo and by the time it actually boots up, and I set it up.

Let me give you a configuration overview. This iPhone lemon is having a 6.1 inch IPS LCD screen. It’S still just a HD plus screen, but the PPI is 326. It’S part where the new Apple, a 13 Bionic chip, which is a 6 core processor, based on 7 nanometer process. It comes in 64, 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage. It has the stereo speakers, with Dolby Atmos, going to the rear facing camera. So dual camera set up both the lenses are 12 megapixels main one is f 1.

8, and then we have the ultra wide, which is f, 2.4 moving to the front facing camera. It’S also a 12 megapixel with F to point to aperture, and it has a 3100 milliamp power battery which actually are technically supposed 18. What fast charging it is also ip68 certified and also has a wireless Qi charging, and, of course, this also has face ID. So I’ll just set that up – and this is supposed to be faster I’ll – show you guys later and you have to rotate your face.

You know the older iPhones. I never had a problem that first scan is complete. It says you’ve got to move it once more and you do this sort of an exercise. And yes, it’s done it says, should work face ID so I’ll, just uh finish the setup and then we’ll continue so guys. I’Ve set up the iPhone and again like typical, live phone. This is iOS 13, but again the layout hasn’t changed. So that’s the same thing.

You have the quick toggles over here. As you can see, and here you get your notifications and other stuff. Let’S step test this of what do you say face ID and again, as you can see it works Apple says they are made it faster. Yes, the moment I press this, it’s unlocking, let’s see on the older, iPhone, 10 R. Ah, yes, it takes a split second notice, this law, it takes split-second modes here the moment you do it so, yes, slightly faster, I would say – and this one is also having it at 6.

1 inch screen and again. This also has stereo speakers and if you go to the Settings, this is the dark theme that I’m using guys you can switch between the light and the dark. I’Ve just kept it on that. Hence, everything is here, dark, as you can see, and if you go to general and about as you can see, it comes with the latest iOS version that is 13 point 1.1 and over here the storage. This is the 64gb storage guys and looks like out of that about 25 gigabytes is sort of used, so in this almost fresh that we have installed.

So that’s what you can expect and I would say, if you’re buying the iPhone for long term, investing at least that 128 gigabytes variant, because otherwise you can fill up the storage very quickly. Anyways! That’S what we have onion typical iOS that we have, and here you move for what do you say that multitasking I don’t have any apps installed? That’S why not seeing anything but yeah as you can see, if you go over here, you go back to the stuff.

You have also Apple TV, I believe, if you’re buying this new iPhone or any Apple product, now you will get access to the Apple TV that is a paid service from number for almost one year free. So now, let’s also look at the camera, because I think that’s the biggest change from earlier iPhones. As you can see, the iPhone 10 hundred had just a single camera. Yes, the regular iPhones high dual camera, but they never had that ultra wide-angle.

Here we have the regular and the ultra wide. So let’s have a look at the same now and let’s fire the camera app over here a test, and it says one: two: a love love while using and new camera capture. So only now. This is the interface that you have seen One X and we have the wide-angle, and I mean it’s very faster and iPhones have been very fast and taking pictures the same case here also, and we also have the portrait mode even with the single camera.

Let’S bring this Android over here, an actual light, it says and I’m going to click. Yes, I can see the background blur on here guys background. I saw, as you can see, notice this area the background blur. It did actually a pretty good job. Let’S just go back explore, it says it’s to show me the stuff right now, let’s just go back over here and we also have the panorama mode and also in this portrait mode.

You do have the other lighting modes like this. As you can see, this works a lot better on human subjects rather than this one. But basic thing is in photos. You press this, you get to the wide-angle lens. Let’S see the article, does it allow us? This is a regular. Yes, even in article you can go to this wide-angle lens, so that’s actually nice and let’s also now look at the. What do you say: a front-facing camera.

This is also 12 megapixel. Well, yeah. Ok, it makes the I can also have two portrait mode and we also have the lighting, and this is that I’m just going to disable that – and we also have the lighting effects like this. As you can see just notice the difference on my face, as you can see, we have the different mode and the studio actually looks really nice. And let me do one thing guys: let me actually take some sample shots so that you get a better idea regarding the camera.

These were taken with the rear facing camera, and this was in that vide angled mode and some more samples, and it doesn’t try to exaggerate the colors like other smartphones, and you can even take some close-up shots, though again it’s not macro, but, as you can see, You can definitely take some close-up shots like I have done, but again, if you get very close, yes, the mate will turn out to be blurry.

So I’m you into human subjects. These are some of the samples that I’ve taken, and you also have that portrait mode and you can play around with the lighting effects, and that gives you a very different picture, as you can see, and it works really well in outdoor conditions. This was the wide-angle mode and again this was also in that provide angled mode and now some more samples taken in the regular mode.

And here I change to the portrait mode, and I also played a little bit with the lighting effect. As you can see on the face now moving to the front-facing camera in the portrait mode, as you can see Susan quite a bit, but I can even play around with that lighting effects, and that gives you a very different picture. This was the regular mode to give you an idea, and this was also regular and now, when I switch to the portrait mode and what is the amount of zoom that you get now moving to completely artificial lighting conditions.

These were taken in indoor and, as you can see, it is surprisingly doing actually pretty good job, and this wasn’t that fied angle lens, but now move the human subjects. I felt that it could have done slightly better. This was that wide-angle mode, and these were taken in the portrait mode – now move the front-facing camera. This was a regular shot and this was in the portrait mode and in the portrait mode.

As I have told me, you can play around with the lighting. I expected camera to be a slightly better, but again these were the results again recording, let’s see I’m in the regular mode, let’s see if it allows us. Yes, while shooting a article, you can move between this wide-angle mode and the regular mode and, as you can see, the transition is really fast. Now I’m recording the article with the front-facing camera and the audio is also be recorded by the same.

So this is the sample footage where, with the front-facing camera, if you shoot the article walk style article so do let me know what do you think about the article from the front-facing camera of this a new iPhone 11 so guys, that’s it for now, for the Unboxing and first look at this iPhone Levin. So what do you guys think about this iPhone 11? What do you feel about the camera on this one? Finally, now they have that wide-angle camera.

So what do you guys think about the same anyways guys? That’S it for now, thanks for reading I’ll post, the full review of this one in almost about two weeks or so so guys, if you’re still not subscribe to my youtube, blog hit that subscribe button and if you know, want to know anything specific about this, I 411, do let me know in the comment section below I’ll try to include that in my full review: anyways guys, that’s it for now, thanks for reading this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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