Hyundai Verna SXO Automatic Long Term Opinion _ Review

This car, now it’s been almost around ten months and next month, will be its annual service. So I wanted to give you a quick overview. How is this car feeling now I’ll talk about? How is the actual my lane and stuff and guys this is the petrol automatic variant that I’m driving? So let’s check it out.

So if you talk about the features, this is the highest-end variant guys this is known as the SX. Oh, this is the petrol variant and, as you can see here, we also have the sunroof on this one and we also have this audio system. I think so. This is also available in the lowering variants, but this supports both Android auto as well as apple carplay. In fact, I had already made a dedicated article around Android, auto again check out that about it also works with apple carplay right now, i’m using it with apple carplay.

So, in terms of what do you say are features it’s fully loaded and also I like the fact that this one actually has that ventilated seats, so cool air actually comes out from the seats, but again it’s only for the front seats. So in terms of features, I would say I’m pretty happy with the feature set. What Honda has provided on this one talking about the steering again, as you can see, this is the steering that we have on this one and we have actually a lot of buttons over here.

I initially I felt that there were too many buttons, but now after about while I have gotten used to it again, as you can see, we are on a very bad road right now, almost Road is not there and the suspension is also actually pretty decent on This car – it’s not the softest, I would say it is. There is some stiffness, but again even in bad roads like this. It handles it now, moving back to the steering, as I’ve told you, it has a lot of buttons here on the steering and I’ve gotten used to it.

It has voice controls and stuff so yeah. Initially. I thought there are too many buttons on this, but now I’ve gotten used to the same and the steering the feelers are actually good. It’S typical Honda guys and what he said: low-speed sticky driving it is very, very light than skinning. So it’s very easy to drive in city traffic, but it starts to wake up a little bit. I would say in when you increase the speed but again yeah, it’s typical Hyundai.

What do you say steering if you have in any I’m like? Ah, that’s the similar feel that this one will give you so, as you can see guys and just moving around. This is not as that much congested area in terms of drivability, as I’ve mentioned, this is the automatic version, and it’s basically your talk converter. That is there for changing the gaze. It does it automatically it’s very simple: we don’t have a lot of modes like sports mode or a comfort mode in this car.

That might be one of their downsides of it just one regular mode and as you can see, this is not very heavy to a city traffic where and it rides effortlessly in this kind of traffic. It won’t even come to realize that when the gears are changing in city traffic conditions like this, so it works really. Well, I would say, but one thing that I do not like with this car is that it doesn’t have any parallel shifters over here.

For example, the Honda City has that, so we don’t have that we do have it here of the lower lever over here. We can put it and change the manual here, but I feel they should have given the parallel shifters over here. That is more practical. In my Frank opinion, in terms of drivability again, as I’ve told you, it is good, the a/c works very well. We have a complete comet control, you can just keep it on auto and it will exist the blower itself, I’m just removing it from auto, because I’m recording my microphone will pick it up, but in Auto everything is done automatically.

As you can see, I’m just going to remove it from auto, so the AC has been good, but one thing that I’ve noticed is that I have to set the temperature about 22 degrees or something like that. So I don’t think so. This is calibrated that well, but when I keep it about 20 2.5 or around 22, it chills the cabin in about 10 minutes. Another thing that I really like about this variant and guys this is the SX, Oh variant as a half told you – and this might be the best thing about this car personally.

For me – and this, is you see these options over here these three? This is the ventilated seats option and cool air actually comes from the seats itself and cools you. But again, this is only for the front seats not for the back seats and regarding the comfort while driving. It is a very comfortable car, just like Hyundai cars. It’S very comfortable and in city traffic, it’s very smooth, I would say – and I have driven it in slight highways – also for high speeds.

I’M max I went tell us about 120 and then also the car was very stable, so it doesn’t give you that shaky feeling when you go even above 100. So that way, it’s good, and mostly in city traffic, as you are driving like this, the right now we are at about 50 or whatever it’s really smooth and we hardly come to know even when the gears are actually changing. So guys just wanted to give you an idea about the actual mileage and, as you can see today, I have driven about 13.

4 kit on a very heavy traffic and we got an average of 7.4 and i’ve driven about 2500 dot kilometers. But let me actually show you the historical average and, as you can see, this is the actual historical average total of about 2500 one kilometers that I’ve driven and notice the average mileage that I’m getting. So this is the actual average mileage that I am getting. That is about nine point: six kilometers.

This is with heavy traffic all nations. This is from the time that I purchased this car, so this is about ten months of average that I got in fact the average increased after about 1800 1900 kilometers. Now I’m getting slightly better average earlier it was slightly lower about eight and a half ish. I would say – and another thing is that, obviously, as this is an automatic, it also has that creep function, and this is great for a very heavy traffic like this right.

Where we are like, I don’t even have to press the accelerator and if I just leave the brake, it slowly just moves ahead. So this is great for very heavy traffic situations and it works really well. Another thing that I liked on this car – and in fact nobody mentioned about this one – and I thought that was not there in this car, for example, as this is an automatic you just leave it on the drive and move ahead.

For example, if you are on a hill like this, it has some sort of a hill, a SS. If I just leave the brake, the cards suddenly doesn’t go back. It holds there for a couple of seconds so that way, that safety feature is also there and again it’s comfortable to drive. But again, as it’s a petrol automatic as I’ve told you mileage, you can say it’s going to be like what I’ve told you about nine. If you drive very carefully, maybe you can get around ten, but a very heavy traffic.

It falls down to even seven as I’ve shown you. So, to summarize, I would say, let’s quickly, just break it down what I really like in this car and what are the things that I do not like. First, if we talk about what are the things that I’d really like, that would be this ventilated seat options and I feel that’s a great thing in a what do you say country like India, because we have very high hot climate.

This ventilated seat is a boon, and I don’t know why other car manufacturers are simply not giving this another thing that I like is. This is an automatic and it has been performing actually really well without any issue. So that way, I’m happy with it. Also it’s this i6o is a fully loaded version. As you can see, we have reverse cameras and all this thing so in terms of functionality and features, I’m happy with what what you say funda is doing, but now coming to the thing that I really hate about this car – and I even mentioned about this – then I actually made a article about two months: it’s about the AC.

For the most part, the AC is good, but sometimes you get that foul smell in this car and I think so don’t get me wrong guy. That doesn’t happen always, but sometimes it comes, and even when I keep this in this record mode like this, I think so. There is some fault with this car and to be fair, whom they had sent their engineer to my house to get it checked and that guy actually opened something below this.

There were some pipes and whatever he refitted and it worked fine for about roughly you could say about a month, then again it started. I started getting that’s foul smell a little bit so looks like there is some more piping and something that that eventually gets loose. If you’re driving it’s stuff like in this unpaid, erodes or something so you do get that foul smell. Sometimes it’s not always, I would say 5 % of the time it happens to me and it is actually pretty annoying.

So that’s the thing that I hate about this car. Apart from that, overall, I would say it’s a good car so guys. I hope you found this sort of an overview helpful. Do let me know if you still have any questions about this one I’ll be more than happy to actually answer them, guys and hope to catch. You in my next article take care guys. This is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article


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