How Much Smartphone You Should Buy

Let me talk about how much you should invest in a smartphone, and this is going to be a very, very kind of article coming from a tech, reviewer and I’ll. Tell you some of the pitfalls that I see. Many youngsters doing when they are buying the smartphones and I don’t want to get too technical but I’ll, give you a no rule, and I mean stay tuned till the end of the article and I’ll also share my personal thoughts.

If I wore and not a tech reviewer how much I would have invested in smartphones, so let’s talk about it and if you know a little bit of Finance smartphones when you buy these are actually called depreciation editing assets. That means oh time, they will lose money, and you know that if you’re buying an Android phone, let’s say you buy the latest 91, the best just after a year. If you try to go and sell it that the value that you would get is actually really low so again, I would say amount of money.

Let’S say if your smartphone is about 50,000 or so after it here. If you try to go and sell it in the after market, these days with an Android phone, hardly you’ll get about fifteen twenty thousand. If you are lucky, because what happens? Is that many of these vendors? After sometimes six months, eight months we have that Amazon flip card sales they reduce the price drastically and due to that, the second-hand market value just goes crazy.

So you lose a lot of money so again. Think of these smart phones as a tool which will depreciate over time and again, it depends how much of a duration that you lose your smartphone. But typically, I would say for most users, they might use it if you are their aggressive user about a year. But most users will easily be able to use their smartphones for about one. I have about two years: that’s the sweet spot, I would say and iPhones.

If you are just careful, I would say they do H, wear easily about two and a half to three years. They can easily go, but again they depreciate, so the typical life we are looking at is about one and a half to two years, and I would say now: in 2019, the mid-range smartphones have become so good that around the price point of 15,000, you are getting Great phones – it’s not like you – have to spend 50, 60, 70, 80 thousand to get a good phone now, in fact, in terms of battery life, the best battery life we get is with mid-range Android phones and also the cameras have now become very good.

For example, just about two weeks ago, I had posted a camera comparison between the flagships, like the iPhone the Samsung flagship, and there was one more and mid-range phones from what do you say real me and Xiaomi, and there are real me and the Xiaomi is that Were four are on fifteen? Sixteen thousand actually did very well. So it’s not that now. The cameras on these mid-range smartphones is also sort of junk, so I would say, as a numb, if you buy in a smartphone just for your basic need, you need the smartphone for taking calls doing your daily work, some photographs and stuff.

You really need to spend more than around 15,000 plus or minus five six percent, because the prices changed, so you are giving actually a really good phone for around fifteen thousand now so, above that, if you are actually spending, for example, now we have a lot of Phones, Android flagships costing 50 60 70 80. Thousands, I phones, they cost a lot more overlap. You are just paying for the brand, and this is very particular in India, I’ve I’d say many of the people buy flashy iPhones the top-end just for the brand image, and I feel that is really really sad, because I see many youngsters or people who have just Taken jobs buying smartphones almost three times the.

What do you say: price man of their salary and if you do that it is really really stupid and I get it. You are falling into this trap because these days most of the vendors, these e-commerce companies actually give you options of buying these expensive smartphones and an EMI, and you get easy instant approval. And but I would say, don’t ever buy a smartphone on EMI. Look at the full price if you’re not comfortable, paying the full price of the smartphone, then that smartphone is simply not for you, because it’s a depreciating, I said.

Let’S say you take it on an EMI for about a year or eight months. What is the value of the damn phone after eight or twelve months? Almost nothing, so you just burning up money just for that brand image or whatever you really don’t need a smartphone more than 15,000 for your. Basically, it’s not like. If you buy a. What do you say, regular mid-range phone or a fancy flagship phone, the other party, a boss, would sound sweet or your girlfriend will sound a lot sweeter.

It’S going to be the same. The experience – almost 90 % of the experience daily texting emailing replying to people talking to everything, is almost the same because the general mid-range smartphones have become so good. Yes, I agree in certain areas. The flashes are still better, but are they four five seven times better than the mid-range? That is something you have to answer and I would say, don’t buy it on EMI if the price, whatever that price might be 40,000.

50,000. 70,000. A lakh. If you are ok paying that full amount, then you can afford it. If you’re not, then you can’t afford that smart phone don’t bite on EMI and get into that stupid trap. I see many people falling into that trap, so don’t do that, buy it on the full price that way. That means you can actually afford it and again, instead of buying very expensive smartphones for youngsters, this advice is go with the mid-range smartphone and that excess money that you have maybe let’s say, you’re, buying a mid-range phone for 15 or 17 thousand, and that exists money That is left over, maybe you’re, going for an iPhone that 16 70,000 pay, that up for your bike loan or a car loan or any other thing.

Instead of just putting that money in a depreciating asset like an smartphone, the smartphone has to be one of the most depreciating asset that you can ever buy, and you have to constantly keep buying it again and again, for example, via give an example of a bike Or a car, for example, if your bike am buying a bike, at least in the last four five six years, and it is a useful thing for you to move from A to B.

And that way I would say it’s better, but smartphone. If you are not comfortable to the full price, don’t buy it on an EMI and now personally talking about myself. Yes, as I am a tech review, and I buy a lot of phones at purchase this, this crazy fool for 1 lakh, 65 paid-in-full, even the iPhone. But let’s say if I must not take review. Why? What would I have done? I would have I can buy any phone I want, because I have been working now for about 25 years.

I have been frugal with my money. I know what to spend what not to spend on stupid things. I don’t like to show off to people just for the sake of it. It’S the most stupid thing that people can do. Youngsters do that and what sorry to say that. But personally I would say if I have to buy a new smartphone right now and as if I was not a tech review or I won’t have spent more than thirty thousand rupees.

I don’t that thirty three thousand price – fine – I won’t be willing to spend because it simply does not make sense, even that phone, whatever I buy for thirty thousand, might last for about one and a half to two years and now, at the thirty thousand price point. At least in India, you can get smart phones with the best Qualcomm processor. That’S the stamp rack in 855 or 855 plus it has actually pretty good cameras, decent cameras, good overall performance, and it really lasts for about two years.

So I don’t see a point of buying at 70,000 80,000 or a 1 lakh phone just to show off, because I know it’s a depreciating asset. Instead of that, I would put that money in something rather more useful. So I hope this article makes sense, and I know this is slightly off topic, but I want to get this point across. Don’T buy put a lot of money on smartphones if you can’t afford it, because it is definitely a depreciating SN and if you are an early life, don’t go about that! Wasting your money to just show up stuff.

You would regret in the future. So I’m, okay, if you are running well and you can afford that smartphone for the full price 75,000 yeah go ahead and buy it but don’t buy it on EMI. Anyways guys got a set for this article again. I know this is slightly off topic. What do you guys think about the same? Should I cover some of the off-topic stuff that I always get into mine? I see people doing it. Should I cover those kind of topics on this blog.

Do let me know in the comment section below that’s it. For now, thanks for reading, this is Ranchi that I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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