How Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Fares In 2019 a Re-Look

Let’S have a relook at this Asus zenfone max pro-am ban, and you might be wondering why am I talking about the a to zenfone max Pro and one now? I was just casual browsing flip card just two days ago and I noticed that the price on this one has dropped to about 7500 rupees, as you can see with this screenshot – and I was just thinking to myself now at this price point: does it make sense? So I put in my primary sim just a day ago: that’s my 8l scent and I also updated this device and some of the reservations that I have earlier have actually improved on this device.

So let’s have a closer look at this one now and the first thing, if you notice, is that I’ve put my a tilts em over here and earlier when I reviewed this device a year ago, a 12 volt II was not supported, but now, as you can See we are getting the voltage signal on this one and also when I picked up this device two days ago. I’D ran an update and I got an update on this one. Obviously it’s on Android pi, but if I go over here about the phone and if we go to the Android version, as you can see, we got the August security update.

Also – and I don’t know if this is the update that fixed a lot of things on this phone, but I’ve noticed quite a few improvements. If I compare it to my original review, in which I criticized the camera and even the fingerprint scanner – and I feel those things have improved on this one, for example, let’s look at the fingerprint scanner on this one. I think the fingerprint scanner speed has improved drastically on this phone.

If you recall my original review, I said that it was very, very slow, but now, as you can see, it’s actually pretty good. It’S not the fastest. But again, it’s good enough, as you can see, and also another thing that I have noticed is that the camera rear facing camera particularly has improved quite a bit on this smartphone. Now, with all these updates, as you can see, with these sample shots, the camera performance is actually pretty good.

Considering the new low price of this device, as you can see, that images have a good amount of detail and contrast, and even if you move to who even subject these are some of my own sample short notice, the skin tones they are produced actually really well And also that portrait mode now works a lot better. Even I was surprised when taking shots in indoor artificial lighting here also, I feel the rear facing camera actually perform much better than I expected.

So definitely, these updates have really improved the camera performance on this issue. Zenfone max roll now moving to the front-facing camera, I feed the front-facing. Camera has also improved a little bit compared to my original review, but still, I would say, it’s sort of average, but nevertheless cancelling the a new price point. I feel that camera setup now is actually really really good. Now moving to the battery of this one.

That was never a problem. It has that five thousand milliamp hour battery, so it can easily last you for about one and a half days and if you sort of very casual user, almost two days of battery life and also like the fact that we are still having that metallic back these Days many of the budget oriented phones generally under ten thousand and all those things are coming with polycarbonate, that is plastic bag.

But still we are getting that metallic back on this one and it’s actually looks actually pretty nice and another thing that I have noticed now, because I was doing a lot of budget oriented phones. This one still is coming with the full HD screen. That’S a 1080p screen, many of the budget phones are coming with the 720p screen, and the screen quality is actually really good on this. Just notice, I’m keeping it almost the lowest brightness then also the screen is actually pretty good and bright, and the colors are also produced really well of this.

So it’s a good quality, Full HD screen that we are getting so considering all these things, I would say that fighters in Liam power battery and now that the cameras have also improved a lot and also the fingerprint scanner performance has also improved quite a bit cuz From the new lower price point about that 7500 to 8000, I still feel this Asus zenfone max pro m1 and does make a lot of sense if you are on a very, very tight budget but anyways.

What do you guys think about this issue? Zenfone max pro m1 in 2019 for this lower price would love to hear your thoughts anyways guys, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading, this is Ranjith and I hope to see you with my next article. Take care guys


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