Honor View 20 Vs OnePlus 6T Compared including Camera

Yet. But I’ve heard that the pricing will be very close to the 1 plus 60. So, let’s do a practical comparison between these two devices and yes, I will also be showing you a lot of camera samples later on, with both the front-facing, as well as the rear facing camera.

And if we talk about the looks in terms of screen, size and stuff, it’s almost same, both of them are having similar screen sizes. This has a six point, four inch screen, whereas this one has a slightly bigger six point: four one inch, but again it loses some screen real estate buta. This drop down notch, whereas this new owner view 20 has this new type of knotch. That is called the punch hole notch, which I feel is going to become the norm for flagship phones in 2019, and maybe the one plus seven or the 70 might also go with that.

As you can see, this is the drop down notch, and this is the punch all notch, which is the new thing moving to the screen technologies again, both of them have very good screen quality, as you can see, vibrant screens and stuff. But yes, this is having the IPS LCD screen, but it’s a very bright IPS LCD screen, whereas the one plus goes with the AMOLED screen in terms of weight. They are similar, but surprisingly view xx slightly lighter.

You don’t feel that much it’s 180 grams. This is 185 now moving to the back things. A little bit different over here both are sort of a fingerprint magnet, but on this one they have this unique pattern and if light falls, you get this unique effect, at least on this color it looks really cool. I would say, but again it come down to personal preference. Another thing is that the fingerprint scanner is a little bit different on this.

We have a traditional fingerprints kind of where we have on the back. So if the phone is on the standby, also like this, you just click on it and it unlocks, and it is really really fast, as you can see, just touch it and it unlocks. We are all on this. It’S in display fingerprint scan and yeah. So you have to stop and then do it, but yeah. This is also actually fast, but I mean again, I would say it will come down to personal preference.

You want in display fingerprint scanner or this raid mounted, but the performance is really fast. Regarding the fingerprint scanner, now I’m going to the processors – yes, things actually change. The 1 plus 60 is having the 2018 flagship snapdragon 845 SOC, which was based on a 10 nanometer process, whereas this one of you 20 is having the new high silicon current 9eb SOC, which is based on the new 7 nanometer process.

The new Snapdragon heat 55 is also based on the 7 nanometer process, so it’s a little bit more power efficient processor compared to the 845. But again the performance of these two phones are very good in terms of performance. You don’t have to worry. It’S blazingly fast. Anything you throw on these phones will run without any issues. I don’t firmly will even benchmarks, but I did run benchmarks on both of these and if I show you the an to do score surprisingly, the 1 plus 60 went slightly ahead.

As you can see, it got a score of 2 lakh, 96 thousand, whereas this got a score of 2 lakhs, 78 thousand, but in the CPU this honor view 20 goes ahead. It gets a score of 1 lakh 3000, whereas this gets up a score of about 90 mm, which is almost 10,000 less place where the oneplus 60 goes ahead, is in the GPU, as you can see, and one lakh 28, and here it gets a score of About 1 lakh so again, but these are just theoretical scores, guys in terms of daily usage and day-to-day performance.

Both of these part phones, Saran everything you throw on it without any issues, games, etc. All of the stuff work very well on the smartphone. So in that aspect you don’t have to worry now going to the battery life. Here I see a difference again. The capacity is also different on the oneplus 60. We have a three thousand seven and milliamp hour battery and the battery life at gates is actually pretty good, no issues, I would say, for a typical user, but that you twenty definitely has a slight edge.

The thing to go about it has a slightly bigger battery. That’S a four thousand milliamp hour battery and also as the SOC is based on seven nanometer process. It’S slightly more efficient, so in terms of battery life, the owner of u-20 goes slightly ahead now, moving to the charger again, both of them have fast charger, and we know that the one plus six, all this one plus sixty, has this charger and guys.

This is basically a five volt to four amp charger: that’s outputs at 20 watts and it’s a fast charger, and it travels this one plus 60, very fast, but now the competition is heating up, and this honor of you twenty actually also has a fast charger. As you can see, this is a fast charger that is supplied in this one and, yes, it can also output at five volts at four amps. That’S at about twenty what’d, he say watts, but this can also output at ten volts at four amps.

So it can output at a whopping, forty watts, so definitely in charging. This goes on. Erv u-20 goes slightly ahead, but again even the charging speed on the one plus 60 is fast but yeah. This is slightly faster now, moving to user interface, both of them actually differ quite a bit. Yes, both of them actually have custom NER you I, the UI on one class, is oxygen OS. I personally like this. This is actually closer to stock Android, but does have enhancements, and it’s really fast and fun plus has been actually good in terms of update, it’s very fluid and stuff.

Whereas on this on of view 20, we have this magic UI version 2, which is actually based on emui, which is again a custom wrong again in terms of functionality. It has everything you want on a modern smartphone, you don’t have to worry about it and in terms of fluidness. Also, it’s very fast, but again, as you can see it tastes slightly, gives you that feeling of a custom UI, for example, in stock UI.

You just swipe like to get to the opera here. By default. You don’t have those settings, but in terms of functionality it is really good and both of these even am UI and oxygen. Os will get update quickly, but definitely yeah. The oneplus gets the update slightly quicker now. Moving to one area where, on the 1 plus 60 definitely goes back, is that it simply does not have any headphone jack. So you have to rely on Bluetooth, headsets and stuff, whereas on this on a view 20, I’m glad that they have retained this headphone jack and also it has the IR blaster.

So you can attach like a remote controller. You have an app, so you can just configure that and, for example, Smart Remote app that functionality is simply not present on the oneplus 60, because it simply does not have that hardware. Now, let’s also move to the camera on these or the honor view, twenties rear, facing cameras of 48 megapixel plus a 3d depth. Sensing camera and the front-facing camera is a whopping 25 megapixel shooter, whereas on the oneplus 60 the rear facing camera setup is a 16 plus 20 and the front facing camera is a 16 megapixel shooter in terms of specs.

Yes, the specs are not everything in camera. So let me do one thing guys: let me actually show you the camera sample side-by-side so that you can judge the difference. These are some sample shots taken in the afternoon and you notice the color difference with the oneplus 60. The sky is slightly on the dollar. Sign – and there is a slight difference in the color palette in this picture – it gives us a better idea regarding the color difference, but I feel this picture clearly shows us the difference in the dynamic range and colors.

The colors are more accurate on the honor v20 and also when we zoom in notice that part the dynamic range was a lot better on the view 20 in close-up shots, as you can see, both of them are actually doing a very good job. I don’t see a huge difference. Yes, in this picture, there is slight difference in the colors, but here again, as you can see, I like the picture on the left, and here I like the picture with the one glass part here I mean I feel both of them are actually doing a good Job and this was taken in the bouquet mode – you know I like both of them in terms of the picture quality, and this was again taken normal shot again, both do a good job.

This was in the portrait mode, and here this was taken with the front facing camera and both of them have actually pretty sharp front-facing camera. He was taken in the normal mode, there’s a slight difference in the colors, so you let me know which one do you feel as doing a better job in terms of colors, and this again was taken with the front-facing camera and what I zoom in and I Feel the edge detection is slightly better on the honor notice, the top of the hair, and this was taken with the rear facing camera and artificial lighting conditions.

Both are doing a good job, but there’s a color difference here I felt the honor is better in terms of sharpness again, some more samples taken with the rear-facing camera in artificial indoor lighting Commission’s, so that was the camera comparison very interesting results in my opinion, which One do you think did better. I won’t say that’s a clear winner overall, because in some areas the one class did better, but in many areas I feel the view 20 did better, especially in outdoor conditions.

The color accuracy etc was better than the view 20. And now coming to the pricing, we know the oneplus 60s pricing, but as of now we don’t know the pricing of the view 20. But I have heard that the pricing will be very close to the pricing of the one class 60. So you guys have to decide which one is better for you do. Let me know in the comment section which smartphone would you prefer anyways guys? That’S it for now, thanks for reading.

This is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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