Honor View 20 Unboxing _ Overview with Punch Hole Camera!

This is reviewing right and, as you can see, they have sent us the 8 gigabyte ram variant that comes with 256 gigabytes of storage. We don’t know the pricing yet, but it’s going to be sold in India via Amazon. Amazon has illustrated by the pricing, which I think so will be revealed by the end of this month.

So considering the previous price point, I am expecting anywhere around 35 again. It has some very interesting specs, as you can see, on the box back. They are highlighting because this one has a 48 megapixel back camera, and this has the new design. As you can see, you see the front-facing camera, but you will see what why it’s important when I power this on and back as it is you just remove this.

You also have this. This actually looks pretty cool. This is a light effect when the light actually falls on this. As you can see, it reflects and gives you this sort of pattern, at least on this color back. As you can see, it’s a dual camera set up: forty eight megapixel and a 3d depth sensing camera and it also says AI vision, honor at the bottom. Let’S keep this to the side. Let’S see what else do we get in this box, so we get a sim ejector tool and looks like case is also bundled so nice to see that Kate’s s model and if you put it in the case like this, this is how the device look.

I mean that shiny thing, even with the cases there. I don’t expect that, but yeah it’s still there. So that’s how it looks with the case and we get a USB type-c cable, and this looks really big. The power back really huge and it’s supposed to be a super charger. It’S Bobby branded it’s supposed to be a 5 volt, 4 amps supercharger. So this is one of the charge this device very quickly. So that’s what we get in the box.

Let me keep these things to the side and let’s look at the handset itself. So here is the device itself and it’s hot, having a six point, four inch screen and let me give you a physical overview first, why this is actually metallic guys, the body the frame is actually metallic and we have a 3.5 mm. Headphone jack looks like this. Is IR blaster secondary noise cancellation microphone so, interestingly des has all the ports, and we also have the volume rocker over here, which is giving a good tactile, feel power.

On/Off button bottom looks like a single went for the speaker, USB type-c port main microphone and on this end, SIM tray. I believe it’s dual SIM, but let’s have a look at it and yes, it’s just dual nano SIM guys, no addition of a micro SD card, but that shouldn’t be a problem, because the base storage is 128 gigabytes and you also have that 255 6 gigabyte variant. There’S a little power this on and by the time it actually boots up – and I set this up, let me give you a configuration or view this owner view.

Xx is having a six point: four inch IPS LCD screen, which is a full HD plus screen. It’S part by the new high silicon current 980 SOC, which is Juarez latest one based on the seven nanometer it comes in two variants, 8 or 6 gigabytes of RAM and storage will be 128 or 256 gigabytes. Moving to the camera, it has a rear. Dual camera setup: the main camera is a 48 megapixel at F, 1.8 and secondary camera s 3d depth, sensing camera moving to the front-facing camera.

It’S a twenty five megapixel and F 2.0. It also has NFC Bluetooth, five and a four thousand milliamp power battery. So, as you can see, guys have just finished setting up this device and again it runs on emotion, UI like any other owner phone. So that’s what it is, and I’ve installed a few apps on this. So not a lot of bloat wait, that’s good, but we do have all the tools that you expect, for example, as you can see that IR blaster, as I mentioned, so it has that Smart, Remote functionality on this.

One first thing that I wanted to show you guys is that punch hole camera. This is the new trend. Let me actually go to the beach on the YouTube. App you’ll get an idea. As you can see, you have that punch hole design. So, no not on it! It’S just that camera is there on the punch or let me actually play back one of my own to give you an idea. It’S definitely way way way better than what do you say regular, not so, as you can see when I’m Maximizer, as you can see so definitely way better than the knotch design, and I feel this is going to be the new trend for flagship phones in 2019.

So we have that and if you notice it mostly value you’re using the phone, it doesn’t obstruct you and even the notification and stuff just go towards the side. So it’s not like it’s blocking it. So that’s the big thing that what do you say, punch hole. Camera within the display of this one, apart from that, let’s look again it’s emotion, UI, as you can see quick toggles over here and if we go over here and yes, it does have NFC, as you can see that n logo over here and if we go To the system tab and if you go to about the phone, as you can see it’s running on Android version 9, that is Android Pi.

So this is also a nice thing. You’Re getting the latest version of Android and Huawei has sorry honor and Huawei. Both have been put in terms of update – and this is the 256 gigabyte variant and I’ve actually added some apps and stuff guys wanted to test. So roughly you I’m going to get about 239 GB of space free with this one and typically, what do you say? Emotion, UI. We also have did this digital balance and stuff functions of Android Pi.

So you have all that and I did test it a little bit and it is actually pretty responsive device. We have the fingerprint scanner here at the back and again this actually looks pretty good. I also like the fact that, though it is having this big screen six point four inch screen and a four thousand milliamp hour battery. The device does not feel very heavy. The weight balance has been and there is slight heft to it, but the weight balance has been done then, on this device and let me actually the biggest thing and now would be the camera.

So, let’s just fire up the camera on this and regarding performance, it shouldn’t be a issue at all: it’s a flagship phone with eight gigabytes or six gigabytes of RAM. That way, as you can see, we just open the and they just load instantly. That’S that way. It’S a very fast processor, you don’t have to worry about duty. We had open, as you can see, it’s in memory so looks like the morale management and stuff is also good.

That’S just far of the camera. This is the default mode and, let’s end it again. It’S typical Huawei, an honor UI. You also have the AI mode. You can toggle it on and off. As you can see, it says AI photography, but let’s go to the resolution by default. As you can see, it’s set to 12 megapixel, but you can go here and set it to 48 megapixel for the rear facing camera. As you can see, let’s see how good is the focus and stuff it should be actually good.

It is trying to do that. Eh, I think – and we also have 1x and 2x zoom over here and obviously you also have the portrait mode as you can see – and this is no faces – it’s a it’s detected so looks like it requires faces for this portrait mode, so yeah so for portrait Mode looks like it requires the faces to be there, so that’s what it is and let’s go to the front-facing camera and again it also has HDR and even ai features for the front-facing camera.

You can disable it as you can see I’ve disabled it and by default beauty is on so hopefully I don’t like it, but yeah you can disable it nice to see that you can disable it and we also have lighting effects, as you can see with this. Oh wow, stained glass – this actually looks cool just keep it mirror on. As you can see, these cool effects that you can actually get in this pop, so a lot of cool stuff.

You can the portrait mode with the front-facing camera. Let me do one thing guys: let me actually take some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding the camera. So these are samples taken in outdoor conditions, with the rear facing camera and, as you can see, the color reproduction and the sharpness is actually really good with the rear facing camera. This was taken in the normal shot, and here I enable the AI mode again.

Look at the sharpness of the rear facing camera. It’S actually really good. Now, moving to artificial lighting conditions here, also into a very good job and this shot I took in the 48 megapixel and I zoomed three hundred percent and they’re. Also, we have detail, and I mean some sample shots taken and artificial lighting conditions, and I feel it does a good job in artificial lighting conditions.

This was taken in very low lighting and here also surprisingly, perform pretty hard now moving to the front-facing camera. It also has those lightning modes so that you can get different effects like this and, overall, I would say, the front-facing camera performance is also actually really good. I hope that these are new modes later on with software updates, so guys that’s it for now, for the unboxing and first look certainly looks like a very impressive.

The handset and even the camera performance is actually pretty good on this one. But we don’t know the pricing. The pricing will be announced by the end of this month. I only know that it’s going to be sold via Amazon and leave the link there for your reference anyways. What do you guys think about this honor view? Xx again, if you have any specific questions regarding this device, do let me know in the comment section below and I’ll try to include them in my future articles anyways guys thanks for reading and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that Subscribe button, this is Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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