Honor Band 5 A Good Budget Fitness Band

What do I feel about this one – and this actually sells in India for about two thousand six hundred rupees and it’s available via flip card I’ll leave the link in the description below for your reference. So, let’s quickly have a look at this one, and this is the box and you also need a smartphone, because I mean, like all fitness bands, you have a companion app where you do all the tracking and all the information gets stored over there so anyways.
This is the box and also this box. You get this dad. It said we look at it and also this dog. This actually is required to charge, and you place it like this in the door and you can just charge it and let’s look at this band itself. First, because it’s interesting then I’ll show you the app and all the stats and how it fares. In fact, I would say I’m happy regarding the performance of this band, but let’s look at it and, as you can see, this is the band itself and it’s pretty slim and I like the fact that it’s having the OLED screen.
In fact, it’s a 240 by 120 pixel AMOLED screen and it’s a touch screen as you can see, you can scroll like this and you get to all the options and but before that, let’s look at the back also, and you also have optical heart rate sensor On this one, so it tracks – and this is actually water resistant – you can in fact, even go swimming with this band. According to owners website and again I did splash water on this and for it and wash my hands and stuff like that and nothing happens.
So it is water resistant now, if you look at the band, this like actually is attached – and I like this, what do you say? It’S sort of rubberized band and it’s actually very comfortable also in terms of weight, the weight of the band is very less. It’S just 20 2.7 grams. If I recall, hence it’s very light and you don’t even notice it’s there and hence I even use this for a sleep tracking and you have all those options.
I’Ll show you that, but first let me give you an overview, and this is, as I’ve told you, the system, you can change the read screen. This is the default one that you get, and this also you notice a small area and if you tap it always back to the home screen, but the entire portion is a touchscreen, as you can see. First option is for your daily walk and some, and if you tap it gives you an idea about all the stats at showing over here and to go back.
You swipe like this, or you can go back here and this minute. We don’t have a lot of sub menus, but if you have I’ll show you and next, let’s just go back to the home I’ll go and move through the heart rate center again I’ll have to wear it. But I’ll show you some of the stats on the smartphone and it just goes back again and if you tap this shows you the how much sleep have done today. It’S about eight hours, and these are the workout options you have the out road or an indoor run and indoor cycling or row work and even as I’ve told you soing, because this is water resistant and you can tap on this.
For example, if you want to track your run and something like that and let’s say outdoor walk here in here and tap, and you can set a target and do all this thing. And if you swipe like this, it goes back to the previous screen. As you can see, so that is actually nice and let’s just go down further, and these are the settings that you have and if you go over here, you can set the timer stopread and you can also change the read faces.
You don’t have an app store or something, but there are a couple of read faces that you can change from this one. For example, you can again, let me just go back and you have the brightness option. It also shows you the battery and updates, as it’s about 68 % battery life I’ll talk about the battery life also and for the read faces, as you can see, you can scroll like this to change between the read faces.
They’Re a couple of read faces on this and according to honor, it says that they might add new read faces with for future firmware update but anyways. Let’S look at it, so these are some of the read faces that you have this one is also nice and let’s say you want to make this, you just happen and you can just set it and let’s just go back again, if you want to go like This you can go here. Let me just go back to the default.
Show you all the read faces that it has. As you can see, these are some of the read faces that we have it’s very easy to operate. It’S very intuitive, I would say, and again, if you go down, let me just show you. If I go to the settings like this and apart from those, you can also get your messages like whatever want your SMS messages, etc or even emails on the read. If you want it displays it, I won’t get into details.
As you can see, I’ve got some. What do you say, Amazon dot in whatever order? This is the email that I got so like, as you can see you can get to those. But now let’s look at the companion app, which is actually really important and you get all the stats everything from the read on this one, and this connects over bluetooth. So, in terms of battery life for honor claims on their website about 14 hours of battery life, let me open the app, but again, if you enable all the things, for example, are during my testing period.
I enable every feature on the what you say band. For example, real-time heart tracking sleep, tracking etcetera and in the app it says that if you’ll enable these features, the battery life will fall down, and in that scenario I got about sevenish days of battery life. But again, if you don’t enable those options, you should get close to about the the claimed about 13 up to 14 days anyways. This is the screen that you will see and on the top.
The first screen shows you how much you’ve walked per day, and the bottom gives you an history, how few have bought earlier and stuff, and also the heart rate and stuff is shown over here. If you click on it, as you can see it shows over here – and this is continuous heart tracking – the water had anybody earlier, so it keeps your tracking your heart rate throughout the day. So you get an idea and it can scroll like this, as you can see, to get a reading what you want, but if you click over here, this is the actual interface from where you can set the options.
What you want, for example, as I’ve told you, I’m also enabled sleep tracking and by default will be switched off, and if you enable this advanced you that the battery life might go. But I wanted to practice sleep, analytic track. In fact, the sleep, and also the continuous heart rate monitor, as you can see, have enabled edge. This is also disabled by default, and you can also set and do not disturb options.
What notifications you want to see on the read over here, if you click here here – are the apps from which I want the notifications to be there, for example, SNS messages etc. But I had also enabled Gmail walls, but I was getting too many notifications, so you can control what type of notifications you want. For example, if it’s what’s up messages to be displayed bragging guys, you can just view stuff from this.
You can’t reply or do anything, but you dick indefinitely. You also for calls whenever a call comes, it shows on the screen and you can actually cut the call. You obviously can’t take a call, but you can what he said: reject the court directly from the band and again these are some of the other options that we have this race to wake screen and this minutes of rest. If you do like this, it always works.
So that is actually implemented very well on this read also, I had got one from there update and guys when the firmware updater is there, you have to be patient, it takes almost about 10 to 15 minutes and I did apply that update, and so this is The main interface that you get, for example, if you go to sleep tracking, it gives you an idea about your deep sleep, light sleep, and it also gives you a score over here and in fact, a detailed analysis.
For example, it says my light. Sleep was high and stuff, and also one thing I noticed is that I did deliberately test this one. I took a nap in the afternoon for about half an hour and the Bandit tracked that also so. That is also actually a nice feature on this, and some of the brands do not track. What do you say naps if you take in the afternoon or something this one? Does that – and I mean it gives you detailed analysis, for example, last week’s analysis and a total months analysis how you are sleeping, so the app is really good.
As you can see, it gives you a complete idea about what is happening, and this was a sleep tracking. The same thing is for your walking what how much you have walked and if you’re running, except I will show you I didn’t run for as you can see, it showed the walking example on 17. I walked about 10,000 steps on something Sunday was a lazy day. It so just about 6,000 or some thing, so it does that in terms of tracking I, like it and also like the app the app is actually really good and the cells in India for about two thousand six hundred rupees.
As I’ve told you why a flipped car I’ll leave the link in the description area and consume the price point and the features offered the screen quality is actually really good its color screen. I feel this is actually a pretty good time. Anyways guys, that’s it. For now for this article and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube blog hit that subscribe button, this is Ranchi that I hope to see you in my next article ticket guys

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