Honor 10 Lite with AI Camera Unboxing _ Overview

Hence the pricing is not marked over here. They have removed it, and this is actually part by the hisilicon killing 17 SOC and, as you can see it has that what he calls that you drop knotch and a 24 megapixel camera. So I’m assuming I don’t win what’d, he say around 15,000 or so and they have sent us the four gigabyte RAM variant that comes with 64 gigabytes of internal storage.

So let’s quickly have a look at it. So let me just open this up and we have the device itself. Let’S just take this out and we have some IMI stickers. So this is the device itself, as you can see, and actually in the back. This color actually looks nice on this one. I don’t know if the sticker, like a Tron, it says AI camera and the dual camera setup and honor at the back, and this actually resembles to honor 10 and obviously it’s the honor 10 light that also had a same sort of a look over here.

We have this fingerprint scanner and also say the eye camera. Also. The front-facing camera is a highlighting point about this one. I will talk about that later. Let’S see, what else do we get? I’M guys this is it of unit. So I don’t know if the retailer gets something else, so we have a sim ejector tool over here and we also get a case so nice that we get a case. It’S always nice to put these phones in a case.

So if you put it in a case, the case is actually pretty tight, guys it’s a nice tight fit, and this is how actually it looks with the case. So some Quick Start Guide and if we go over here, we also have a power, bread and USB cable. The USB cable looks like it’s still: micro, USB not used to type C. Yes, guys, it’s still micro USB that we are getting and the power brake is actually 10 what brake five watt amp charger that we are getting in the box.

So that’s what we get in the box. Let me keep these things to the side and let’s have a look at the handset itself. So let’s have a look at the device itself and this one has a six point. Two one inch screen and it does not feel that big, because the screen to body ratio is 91 % guys and that is actually pretty high and on the top, as you can see, we have the SIM tray over here itself and even a secondary microphone ice Cancellation microphone.

Let’S look at the SIM tray configuration, I believe it’s a dual SIM might be a dual set: the hybrid I’m assuming. But let’s see yes, guys, it’s a dual SIM hybrid, so two nano Sims or one Anacin and a micro SD card slot that we can put. So let me put this back and as I’ve mentioned, we also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone over here, and this is the volume rocker gives a nice actual tactile feel and the power button is here.

The main speaker is here: microUSB put that we use for charging. This will be the main microphone 3.5 mm headphone jack, and this area is actually plain nothing back. We have the fingerprint scanner that dual camera setup and front-facing camera is supposed to be a 24 megapixel shooter. So let’s just power this on and have a look and guys by the time it actually boots up, and I set it up. Let me give you a configuration overview.

This order. 10 light is having a six point. Two one inch full HD, plus IPS LCD screen in the nineteen point. Five is to 9 aspect ratio with that dewdrop notch design. It’S part by the new high silicon. Current 7. 10 SOC, which is octa-core processor, it is having the Mauri g51 MP for GPU. It comes in 4 and 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb of internal storage. Moving to the camera, the rear facing camera is a dual camera setup.

The main camera is a 13 megapixel with F 1.8 lens and a secondary 2 megapixel for depth sensing, and it’s also a I enable I’m moving to the front-facing camera. It’S a 24 megapixel with F 2.0 lens, and also this has AI features and also some lighting modes and stuff. It also has FM radio I’m a 3400 milliamp hour battery, so guys have just finished setting up this device, and one thing to say is that, though it’s having that 6.

2 inch screen, it’s actually like to hold, and I mean it runs on emotion UI, as expected, With almost any honor form, that’s the same! So that’s the thing and, as you can see, it’s downloading some stuff over here. So, let’s look under the hood here again we have that source, quick toggles and if we go over here and let’s go to the system and let’s go to about the phone, as you can see, it’s running on the emotion, UI version 9 and dot o dot.

One and the good thing is that out of the box, it comes with Android version 9. So it’s the latest Android Pi that you are getting with this phone. So that’s actually a very good thing: let’s go back and, as you can see, this is the four gigabyte RAM variant that comes with 64 gigabytes of internal storage and out of that 64. We get about fifty three point: five gigabytes that we are getting Android.

Secondly, pad is first November, so, let’s just go back over here and so again. This is typical in AM UI that you expect over here stuff like this. This is the same if you’ve used any honor phone and we also have the new digital balance. This actually shows you how much actually device you are using and stuff Android pipe actually has this pixel also has this so nice OC. They have implemented this one and let’s just go back over here and not a lot of load.

Wait initially. It asks you when you’re setting up the device for a bunch of apps, as you can see, FM radio functionality is also there. On this. Now. Moving to the processor, I like the fact that it’s having the high silicon 17 SOC, because it’s our actually octa-core processor but divided into two quad-core past the powerful one is based on the arm: cortex a7 t3, which is actually very powerful one and the power of E√ętion is the arm cortex a53.

Hence, the performance of this device should also be really good, and I also like the fact that on left, if you go, you have the Google pain, so I like it and it shouldn’t lag, because even the honor eight X had this Canon 17 associa had used. It and overall the performance of that device was cut very snappy, so in that respect it should do a good job. Let’S also look at the fingerprint scanner. Also, it prompts you to actually install what do you say face? Unlocking I didn’t do that, but face unlocking.

Is also there and, as you can see, the fingerprint scanner is extremely responsive on this phone. That’S the case with almost any on a phone, so here also we get a very responsive, fingerprint scanner, so you don’t have to worry about it, but I think the biggest thing about this device is that camera specifically, I feel the front-facing camera that 24 megapixel. So, let’s quickly have a look at it and they say that AI enabled so it’s using AI features and just do all that later so again now, this interface is typical that we have seen an earlier on our devices.

Also, not a huge change, as you can see, we have the tap to focus, and it’s very fast – and you have this AI toggle over here. As you can see here, this is artificial lighting, but outdoor I’ll take some snaps later on. To give you an idea, focusing as fast guys, that’s the nice thing and if we also have the portrait mode, obviously where you can actually play around with stuff, it’s doing the background blur so nice that it works on anything not just, and we also have this Lighting effects, so this is actually nice, so if you have faces I’ll, actually try to show you some sample shots with this one, so we have the lighting effects.

So it’s actually nice that you can clear on with this. In the portrait mode, we have the lighting effects and now, let’s just get out of this, the regular mode. This is the photo regular mode and let me switch to the front-facing camera because that’s supposed to be 24 megapixel and also, as you can see, it shows a eye over here. So this took an AI mirror on very rough, I would say mirror on. Let’S just keep it and we can remove the AI.

As you can see, a photograph is disabled and it also has Beauty and all these things as its. What do you say on a phone you can adjust it. You can adjust the exposure directly from here. As you can see, so a lot of functionality given to the front-facing and also the screen will act like a flash. If you want that option was there and if I go over here, boki is also there. So that’s nice, as you can see, this was taken in the book.

Him background is blurred. Let me actually do one thing guys. Let me actually shoot some sample shots with this one so that you have a better idea regarding that camera outdoor sample shots taken with honor 10 light, and, as you can see, it’s actually doing a very good job, and this is taken on mode, and this is In the AI mode, in AI mode, I feel it enhances the colors and contrast this was normal, and this, as you can see, is in the AI mode.

Again. This was taken in normal mode notice, the sky in everything – and this I took in the AI mode. It just enhances everything, look at the sky and the color, so the AI mode can be useful. This was taking a normal shot. This was actually taken in the AI mode, and this was with the portrait tube background blur. These are shots taken in artificial lighting conditions and even in artificial lighting conditions.

I feel the camera is doing a good job and as it has that F 1.8 aperture, as you can see, you can get that natural depth of field focus shots with the front-facing camera. This was in the normal mode. This is in the bokya mode and, as you can see, it’s doing a good job. It also has those lighting effects and you can just change it and you can get a very dramatic different picture with this one. So again, that’s also a very cool feature, so the front-facing camera is also very good on this one, so guys, that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this honor 10 light.

So what do you guys think about this honor 10 light? If you have any specific questions regarding this device, do let me know in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer those questions in my future articles so guys, that’s it for now, thanks for reading and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube. Blog hit that subscribe button, that’s it for now, thanks guys, take care catch. You later,


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