Google Pixel 3a XL Unboxing A Camera Phone but MidRanger

Let’S do the unboxing and have a first look at this pixel 3a XL, which is supposed to be sort of a mid-range Android phone by pixel. This is the pixel three XL their flagship, and let’s look at this, though Google calls it a mid-range phone, but I would say it looks like a premium mid-range because I don’t know the exact pricing guys. This is a review night, so I caught it before the launch.

I don’t know the exact pricing, but here is a price that is quoted over here and MRP, says is 50000 generally. The MRP price is not right, but even if I look at it, maybe to be priced at about 45 thousand, so certainly a pretty pricey phone. I feel, and there would also be one more variant. Let’S just cut the C and there’s one more over here and just remove it yeah quite I’ll. Just remove it and say it’s team pixel.

So it looks like the camera will be the focus on this one and, as you can see, it looks from the back similar to the pixel 3x L itself, and this is the white color being and then also be a black color variant like this one. So, let’s open this up – and this is the first time actually I’m seeing this device itself – let’s open this up and the back is actually plastic, guys, not glass. Back like only this portion, the top portion is glass.

So it’s that two-tone color Google branding over here and as you can see, we also have that chin on top and bottom I’ll show you that that we don’t have on the elder brother. But in terms of sizes. We look it’s almost the same, but we’ll come back to the device later on. Let’S see what else do we get in the box, so we have a booklet so for the sim ejector tool we have. We have a user guide, some pin, pixel stickers itself and some regulatory stuff and other things I’ll.

Just leave that to the side. We also get again it’s USB type-c, as you can see both, and we also get a dongle over here, USB type-c dongle, to USB type layer. I am assuming this one. We yeah here’s B type a so we don’t have in headphones here in the box and we get a pixel charger over here and I’ll. Just it’s written in very small text. Wattage yeah, it’s a faster! I guys good to see 9 volts at 2 amps.

So 18 watt fast charger that we are getting in the box. So this is what we get in the Box, all ethniki, these things to the side guys and let’s actually look at the handset itself, so guys this is the handset itself and it’s it feels actually slightly lighter than the pixel 3x l. I would say: let me give you a physical overview first. Fortunately, this one has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you remember the pixel 3 and the pixel 3 XL, you do not have a headphone jack.

So we have that and we also have a secondary noise cancellation microphone over here. We have this in the white one. This is an orange color, it might be different at for others, and this area is plastic. The volume rocker is also plastic, guys the button but gives a good tactile feel and on the bottom we have the USB type-c port, and this will be the speakers and we have the SIM tray. Let’S look at the configuration of the century.

Again, it’s dual SIM but seconds and I believe, is again isom on this. So again, as you can see a single nano SIM that you will put but e some support s also there on this device. So let me do one thing guys and back as you can see, we have that camera, that’s famous pixel. It looks almost like this one wheel, I’ll show you a lot of photographs later on to see how’s the camera and we also have the fingerprint scanner.

So let me do one thing: let’s let me actually boot this up and by the time it actually boots up and we set it up. Let me give you a configuration or view so this pixel 3 XL has a 6 inch, full HD plus OLED screen and the ad mister 9 aspect ratio it’s predicted, but dragon tale glass. It has 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 GB of internal storage. It’S part about the snapdragon 670 SOC, which is an octa-core processor, comes with adreno, 6 1 v GPU, going to the rear facing camera.

It’S a 12 megapixel shooter with optical image, stabilization at F 1.8. It is having the Sony. I am x3 63 sensor and it also supports night side moving to the front-facing camera. It’S megapixel a shooter, and this also supports the Nightside and it has a three thousand seven million power battery with fast charging. It also has NFC Bluetooth, five and stereo speakers, so guys this is the pixel 3a XL and in fact I have now used it for almost four days, and definitely my impressions have changed after using it for four days and camera is just bonkers on it.

That means in a good way, I’ll show you a lot of sample shots, because I was traveling and I took this one and it did not disappoint me. In fact, it surprised me and to be frank guys, it actually feels like a regular pixel three-axle, and I like the fact that this one still retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack and this screen is actually all it’s clean. It’S not an LCD screen like we were expecting everything just works very well on this phone, and one thing what’s surprising to me was that it still has stereo speakers.

The earpiece also acts as a speaker, and this is also a vent for the speaker, so it does have that steel. Your speakers experience but yeah for Snapdragon 670 SOC. I feel especially in India. The pricing is definitely very very premium unless you really want that camera. The camera is actually identical to the elder brother, I would say so no compromises and it also has optical image stabilization with electronic image stabilization.

So that way it is good and it’s a pixel device guys. But one thing to notice that in terms of storage, they only comes with one variant of storage. That is 64 gigabytes and I have used this device quite a bit guys and, as you can see, we have about 40 5.56 K, bytes space free, but out of the box, you’ll get about 51 gigabytes of space free. So again, we just have one variant, so that is very surprising and no expansion of storage, so that can be a limiting factor.

One thing that was really surprising to me is that it has that three thousand seven milliamp hour battery and generally pixel devices and never known for battery, but I’m getting terrific battery on this one. For example, as you can see, I had charged this about one and a half days ago with the screen on time of about four hours, and still we have about 30 % left so in fact, and screen on time easily about 6 to 6 and a half Hours – and this is where this always-on screen enable guys I haven’t disabled it as it’s OLED screen, you have an option of any.

This is not on by default, but you can switch it on, but even with this one I am getting really good battery life. So definitely in terms of battery life, they have done a great job and again as it’s a pixel phone, so you don’t have to worry about Android, updates and stuff that you would get for three years now, let’s move to the highlighting part about this device. Yes, the back is plastic, this area and this area is class, but the camera is again a stellar camera that we are having on this one and have taken a lot of camera samples with this one.

So let me show you this quickly. This is the camee fault, camera interface that you have and then, if you would more, you also have this night sight and let me just shut up and actually show you the samples that I’ve taken with this one. So these were taken with the rear facing camera and, as you can see, it did a terrific job in outdoor conditions and also for close-up shots and does a good job. But let’s move to the evening, these are shots taken and indoor, artificial lighting and, and then also you can see it has a lot of detail.

This wasn’t night as you can see, but this is the night sight. It really lets up the images, as you can see, and this was in normal mode. This was a night sight. It brings a lot of need in extreme tests. Regular shot night sight shot, did one more test, regular shot, and this was the night shot, as you can see, night shot also works on human subjects. As you can see, it brings a lot of detail, and this was with the front facing camera.

The front facing camera performance was also actually really good. I’M saying it’s just eight megapixel and even indoor lighting and artificial night lighting. It does a good job. Recording this article with this pixel three axl – and this is with the rear facing camera. This is a 1080p. It can do at 4k, but just wanted to give you an idea how Stu stabilization, as you can see, I’m just walking handheld so that this gives you an idea.

How was the article in terms of stabilization? Let’S just move closer to an object and again, as you can see so, the focusing is also good, and this audio is also being recorded. Why it’s internal microphone recording this part of the article with the front-facing camera of this pixel 3xl and, as you can see, it’s very sunny outdoors audio is also being recorded. Why are the same walking around to give you an idea? How is this stabilization and what is the quality that you can expect with the front-facing camera in terms of article recording, we’re just going to jog a little bit like this and yeah? So this is regarding the stabilization so guys, that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this pixel thing: EXO definitely camera is stellar on this one, but again in India at the pricing of about forty five thousand.

I am NOT very sure how many sales will Google get definitely a good device if it was priced about, let’s say at 33 or 34 thousand, but at forty five thousand. Unless you really want that, pure what you say, Android the stock experience and that terrific Google camera it’s going to be a very tough, far buy anyways guys, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this is Ranjith, and I hope to see you in my next article.

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