Google Pixel 3 Lite Leaked – What to Expect Game Changer

Google had released the pixel three X, so this is the pixel three xn at the regular pixel 3, but they have been a lot of rumors floating around or about the Google pixel 3 light, which might be the affordable version of pixel. The mid-range of version of pixel, and now there have been quite a few leaks.

In fact, as you can see from this image, a lot of specs also have been lead by android news and, as you can see, i’ll talk about the specs and stuff later on. But let me give you my thoughts about this new pixel, 3 8 pixel 3 light, and this will actually look very close to the pixel 3, which are hard actually unboxed a couple of months ago. So it’s slightly actually larger in screen size. That’S going to be having a 5.

56 inch, but instead of the AMOLED screens that were used on the pixel 3 of this pixel 3 XL. This will have LCD screen to lower the cost. I was hoping that they will go with the snapdragon 710, but it looks like they’ll be going with the snapdragon 6 10 SOC, which is again based on 10 nanometer process, also to cut down the cost. The new pixel 3 light won’t be having dual speakers tedious, because just a bottom firing speakers make sense to cut down the cost.

Also moving towards the back. We see this image and, as you can see, the camera actually looks very similar to the regular pixel. Are talk about the camera later on, but the back is going to be a plastic bag. Yes, it’s going to be and have a two-tone. What do you say finish like the regular pixels, but the new pixels are actually having a glass back. The older one had a metallic back, the pixel 2, but this one is going to have a plastic back, but again from the back, it looks like a pizza with that dual tone design now.

Another thing that is important is that this new pixel 3 light will be having a headphone jack, which was removed with the new pixel 3 devices. So that’s actually a nice thing now moving to the cameras, if you look at the rear-facing camera, it looks almost the same as the regular pixel 3 devices. So that’s. Actually, it’s still want to have a single camera, and this will also be having of 12 megapixel camera, just like the regular pixel three at the picture, three XL.

So that’s actually a nice thing. So hopefully the image performance should be very close to these older. What is a bigger pixel devices, which is actually a really nice thing now moving to the front-facing camera, the pixel 3 light will be just having a single camera lens, not dual camera lens that we are seeing on the higher-end pixel 3 in the pixel 3 XL. But this is probably it megapixel front facing camera.

So that’s regarding the. What do you say camera specification and, as you can see, the screen shot displays us all the specs and the batteries supposed to be in 2009 and 15 milli amp hour battery. But regarding the storage, according to the sleek specs, it’s got to be just 32 gigabytes of internal storage, which can be a concern, in my Frank opinion, because generally pixel devices do not have expandable storage.

It’S not yet known. If this light version will have an expandable storage, but the minimum storage would be 32 gigabytes, I’m pretty sure they’ll also be having a 64 gigabyte variant, but good thing is that Ron will still be four gigabytes of RAM. I was just worried that they might go with three gigabytes of RAM. That’S not the case. According to the leaked specs, it’s going to be four gigabytes of RAM, but internal storage, just at 32 gigabytes can be a limiting factor if they don’t have anything like an expandable storage pricing will be the key.

As of now, we don’t know the pricing, but generally these pixel devices are on the premium and considering the rumors what we are hearing this will also will not be super aggressive in pricing. If we take super aggressive pricing. Also, Google might launch this for around four hundred US dollars if we convert that to Indian rupees. That will be around 28,000. But again, this is the direct conversion.

We have to add. Custom VOT is GST and all that stuff. So, even if the pricing is very aggressive, around 400 US dollars in India, it might come down to about 32 or 33 thousand rupees, but this is, if you are assuming the pricing, is aggressive. Generally, Google pixel devices – Google is not very aggressive in the pricing. So what other rumors that we are hearing is that the pricing will be to about 500 to 550 US dollars, and if that is the case, do you think the new pixel 3 light makes sense by the time it comes to India, with all the custom UDS And all these things it might be closer to about 45 to almost about 15,000 rupees and at that price part.

If that’s the case, will that make sense or not it’s the big question, because at that price point around 45, even if it’s on 45,000 we have options like the one class 16, we have the LG. Thank you, and even the LG v 14 and there’s also rumors that this Galaxy S 10, that we’ll be launching next month, will also have a light version, and that might also be around that price point. So next to here certainly looks really interesting.

It will have the stock Android pure Android experience, and also that pixel camera at least the rear facing camera, seems to be like the regular one. So that’s a great thing, so the camera performance will be really good and that guaranteed fast Android updates. These are the plus points, but pricing will be the key and only time will tell maybe in the next couple of months, we’ll know the exact pricing.

If Google is really aggressive with the pricing and they can price it suck $ 400, then I think so. This can be a really great smartphone, but if they go with the traditional pricing and what rumors we are hearing around the 500 to 550 US dollars, then it can be a very difficult sell. So let me know what do you think about this pixel 3 light, and what do you think should Google do with the pricing of this? One would love to hear your thoughts about the pixel 3 light, and if it’s priced around 500 bill u.

  1. Dollars, will you be waiting for it or purchase other alternatives like we have in the market like on a view 21 plus 16, and the others would not To know your thoughts, so that’s it for now for this article of this pixel 3 light again do share your thoughts at the youtube comment section below. I also want to know what do you think about the scene? Anyways guys, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this was Ranjit and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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