Google Needs to Rethink It_s Pricing in INDIA for Pixel Phones

Let’S talk about pixel devices in India and Google has recently released the pixel 3 and 3a XL have already posted my article about the pixel 3 XL and overall I would say I really like this phone. It’S almost high school to ask the regular pixel, but again it comes at a lower price. But let’s talk about the pricing here in India and I feel Google is getting it really wrong in India.
And that’s why I say low pixel devices in India is just not there at all. So let’s talk about first about the pricing, the pricing of the pixel 3, a the smaller version of this one. This is the 3 axl in u.S. At 399 dollars and the XL is for $ 79 about $ 80 extra. That is fine, I would say, but here in India the pricing of the pixel 3, a the smaller one is at 40,000 and if you convert it into dollars, it works out to about 571 US dollars, and this big one.
The three axn is about 45,000 here in India and comes down to about 643 US dollars. So certainly now it’s no longer a premium mid-range. Now it’s coming into the sort of the flagship and 3 level devices, and here specifically in India, we already have a lot of devices around the 30 to 35 thousand price point that is even lower than the pixel 3a. For example, the lights of the zenfone 5 Z, you have the one class 60, all that comes with a much more powerful process of Snapdragon 845 for a significantly lower price and those are not bad devices at all.
Yes, don’t get me wrong some of the things Google did really well on this one. This one also has an OLED screen, so many people, comparing it with just a regular mid-range phone, is not fair. In my opinion, it also has to your speakers one of the best haptic feedback in the industry, just like the pixel 3 XL, and the experience of using this one is really good and what defines a pixel phone that is the camera is tell are on this.
I won’t talk a lot about that. If you want to know the what I like about it with camera samples and everything read the other article that I posted on the pixels. Let’S, let’s talk about the pricing here in India and, as you can see, the pricing is just too high in India. Would you actually, if you are even us, what do you pay six and forty three US dollars for this pixel, three Axl and I’m pretty sure, even in u.
S. At that price point, you have a lot of almost flagship device that you can get, for example, in India, let’s forget about zenfone or one plus etcetera. Even if you look at premium brands, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S, 10 II is now very close to this one. You can get the samsung galaxy s, 10 e, with discounts and stuff for about 53 or 50, 52 or 53 does recently. It fell down to even 49 thousand.
So, as you can see, it comes very close to this one and it’s it’s a proper flagship. The flagship specs IP rating, the biggest thing about this one – yes, Google is charging biggest thing for me – is that this one does not have the IP rating. At that price point, and even let’s take the example of Apple Apple had launched. The iPhone 10 are in India at 76 thousand rupees, and I said in my review that I really like the iPhone tena.
It’S a really good iPhone with the best battery life among iPhones that I have tested, but in India at that pricing it won’t sell and it happened. In fact, after about four months, Apple had reduced. The price of the iPhone 10 are in India to about 58 or 59 thousand, and now it’s finally selling very well because it’s a very attractive proposition at that price point. So the reason is that I’m not going to blame completely Google about this one.
The reason the pixel devices are so expensive in India is because Google does not manufacture these devices in India, so it’s completely imported and in India, if you import a phone, there are actually pretty heavy import beauties plus taxes, and that is why the price of these Pixel devices is actually really high, but again that’s not an excuse. If Google is serious about India, they need to manufacture the phones in India or take a profit.
It like others are doing. Samsung is doing that. Oneplus is doing that. All other brands are who are actually serious about India and want to get the volumes are actually doing that even Apple has realized that we can see that with the pricing of the iPhone 10 are originally. It was at silver, 76,000. Now it’s down to about 58 or 59 thousand so actually pixel. Also if they are going to be serious in India, they have to really do that earlier.
I used to always mock about Samsung in the mid-range market, but now with the m-series they’re, really taking serious. The price band of about 10,000 to 20,000, where there is a lot of action in India, India is a very big market. But again, if you can’t get the pricing right, you will simply not have the sales. This has already happened with the Google pixel 3xl, the regular one when it was launched in India, was launched at 83 thousand rupees.
When I said in my review, the pricing is just bonkers in India and even to me now they had to drop down the price and the pricing of the pixel 3 XLS down to about 62,000. So eventually, Google had to actually drop down the price, because the saint’s was simply not there at that price point and, frankly speaking, I would say currently at the price point or twitch of the pixel 3 a and the 3 Axl are selling in India.
The price point is just too too high and I doubt people who are even I like the camera on this one. It’S a stellar camera. The phone is really good, but digesting that price of about 45 thousand for this one is pretty difficult. Even for me – and I like the phone then also it’s pretty difficult for me, because we do have a lot of options in India at that price point. For example, if you just talk about specs to spec, it’s not a fair comparison, I would say in India it’s a very cost-conscious market and at around $ 200, that’s about fourteen thousand rupees.
We get phones like the real me 3 Pro that comes with the snapdragon 17 SOC or the redmi note 7 pro with the snapdragon 675, which are technically having better processor than this one yeah. But again, it’s not a fair comparison, because this one has OLED screen. Stereo speakers and that tell affect Google camera but again, coming to the point. The pricing in India has to be really correct. If Google really needs sales of these pixel devices, the phones are really good.
I like what they are doing. You get the stock Android experience. The camera Estella – yes, it will be the cameras of even the iPhone. Then. What do you say? Tennis max I have this is better in camera and even better than the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S 10, Plus that a half. But again I doubt people will pay that much premium for that camera. And if Google is serious about pixel devices in India, they have to really cut down the pricing.
Maybe they have to lower their profit margins for India, and I feel if they can price the pixel 3a at about twenty-five. Twenty-Six thousand and pixel three a excel at about thirty to thirty two thousand. Then they have a winner else. At this price point, I hardly see any sales for this pixel devices, though the devices technically are really connected, and Google can do this because, if you recall, recall the Nexus 5 guys how aggressively it was priced and how well it actually sold in India.
So yes, Google can do it, but the question is: will Google rethink it’s a strategy in India or not again a thought to ponder anyways? What do you guys think about the same yeah? That’S it for our guys for this article and, if guys, are not subscribed to my youtube blog at that subscribe button. This is Rajiv and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys

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