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Let’S talk about the hottest smartphones that were announced in 2019, 50 MW CES here and Samsung also did their major event, and I think this year the trend is of that for level what he says smartphone. Second, we first saw that with Samsung and wheeling their galaxy fold smartphone in u.S. In San Francisco. I was there, they demoed it, but sadly it was not on the show floor.

But let’s also talk about this. Why we made X that was announced at MWC, and this is again it in chip, a device when you open it, as you can see from the screenshot, but when you actually for that, I feel this has a 6.6 edho main screen looks actually pretty cool from The screenshots that we are seeing and yes, it looks actually pretty thin and the thing is that moving to the specs, what do you say? The sahaba claims that this has a built in 5g modem, so it’s 5g compatible it’ll have a 4500 milliamp hour battery and also it will have their fastest charging.

Yet you come with the 55 water. What do you say charger? So that’s incredible. They say about 80 to 85 % of the charge in just about 13 minutes and again it will be part by their own hi seeker silicon current 980 SOC. We have seen this in other what they say. Who Bobby phones is the fast chipset every time, with a megabyte of RAM and 500gb of specs? I mean top-end specs as expected, so in it folds, but how practical it will be.

It will be interesting to see why we did mention where it’s going to launch, but they said sometime on second quarter of 2019, but as we have seen with all these foldable smartphones, the prices is going to be very high. It’S expected to be around two thousand one hundred dollars plus tax, but nevertheless the huawei mate X will be a real product. It will come to the market again. Yes, the pricing will be really crazy, but let’s see how practical these phones are the biggest problem.

With these phones were start, you wouldn’t MWC, we express people and were not able to actually hold the phone in tested for ourselves. It was just showcase, and that was the same case even with the Galaxy 4 I was in the u.S.. Sadly, they didn’t even actually put it on the show floor. But let’s talk about the Galaxy fold which was announced a week ago and when this is open, actually it reveals a 7.

3 inch screen, but it has a clamshell design, as you can see from this article. Snippet you just fold it, so it comes very compact in that compact form factor. It has a four point, six inch screen, so I feel it’s numbered. On the smallest side, we are used to larger screen size but yeah unless we get it and our hands and use it. We can’t talk a lot about it, but the good thing is that I think something has really worked on the software part of this, because when you open it up, as you can see, we can actually in load multiple apps on it.

So making use of this. What do you say tablet like experience a little bit more better for multitasking? So again, it will come down to what is a software optimization, how these vendors actually take advantage of these phones, yes, in a normal form, factor to be like a phone, but when you open it, it becomes sort of a tablet. How practical it is will depend on software optimization and what these vendors, like Samsung Huawei, can do with this often knowing Tori inspects this galaxy fold as their flagship it’ll come with the snapdragon 855 SOC apart.

They say that will come with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 500gb of storage, and this will have four thousand three hundred eighty milliamp hour battery, so it’d be interesting to see how long the battery lasts, and this is going to have actually six cameras. They say so in whatever mode you are foldable, more open, more, you can take photographs, it has a main three camera setup, but in every angle you will be able to take photographs.

If you want and again Samsung did announce the release date for this. That was April 26th and the pricing starts at the 1980 dollars plus tax, so again pretty expensive, but this product is going to come and I was very surprised. I was there at that San Francisco, even when you already have or what you say, release date for this device. That’S April 26 we weren’t able to actually do a hands on it.

Hopefully things change in the future. I just want to get a real feel of these foldable smartphones to see how practical they are. Aren’T they too bulky and regular use and sell, but let’s see hopefully at some time in April. Hopefully, if I’m able to get hands on it, I’ll definitely share my experience with you guys next one again, this is not very radical in terms of specs and stuff. What’S this Nokia 9 PureView, we have been hearing a lot of rumors from this one and I would say if you look at this screenshot from the back this sums it up.

It has Cameras, Cameras Cameras. Actually, it has five cameras at the back and all of these cameras are actually 12 megapixel. In fact, only two of them are actually color sensors and the three of them. Others are monochrome, sensors and nokia. Actually, it says when you click a photograph, it actually uses all the camera. Hence when the picture you get and processes it, and hence the pictures that you get are really really good with very high detail.

So that’s the speciality of this camera. But again it was very surprising that Nokia didn’t even put even one of the wide-angle lens in this one, because that’s a new rage that we are seeing in most of the smart phones, but this doesn’t have that wide angle lens moving the specs here again. Okay, I decided not to use the latest Snapdragon 855. This will strangely come with the last year, Snapdragon 845 chipset and come with six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of first storage and we’ll have a 5.

9 and inch quad, HD, AMOLED screen and but the battery is just at three thousand three and twenty milliamp. I will be interesting to see how it handles it, but moving to the pricing, I feel this is by sanely at around seven hundred US dollars, and Nokia says this will be releasing in March of four 2019. So these were the three smart phones that actually excited me: the galaxy for the huawei mate X and the Kia.

A nine will be also seeing a lot more foldable smartphones, for example, hope also teased their foldables more. It is very similar to the huawei mate X, but they didn’t say: will it come to the market or not? But yes, the foldable, flexible smartphones are here to stay, it’ll, be interesting to see if this category evolves or it just fades away. It will be very interesting times, and I think so we see a lot of alterations in 2019 and even in 2020, what these vendors do with what we say, these flexible smartphones, but yes, and at least in 2019 and even in 2020.

These phones will be very, very pricey. Moving to realistic expectations along new mid-range phones are also going to be launched in India in the next two weeks. For example, the Samsung Galaxy M 30 is coming on 27th. Then there is the redmi 7 or the 7 Pro on 28. That is going to be announced. Then the first week of every that’s the real me 3 and also Samsung is launching a new series of 4. What do you say? Galaxy a series, a lot of mid-range smartphones are also launching so again will be very exciting and busy time and I’ll try to cover many of those phones pretty soon so anyways guys, that’s it for now.

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