Flagships Vs Value Flagship Smartphones

For example, I would say the issues in phone 6, Z, 1, +, 7, etc are value fractured, so let’s first define.

What do we mean by value fraction – and this is personally according to me – a value flagship – should have a very good processor, a flagship kind of a processor, but should not cost a lot. For example. Personally, for me, I call smart phones, so value flagship if they are priced below 35,000, so example, the 1 + 7, the new Asus, 6e, etc. All our value, flagship, smartphones and true flagships, you know generally cost a lot more, almost double the value flagship.

For example, around 60 to 70 thousand or even more than that in India. So again I don’t know what to call the 1 + 7 Pro, because definitely it’s not a value flagship but as it’s closer to about 50 thousand. But I mean it’s still not a flagship, also and I’ll talk to you. Why why our flagship still a little bit different from value flagship? What are the main differences that I have noticed after using all these smartphones and the first thing that I’ve noticed is that in value flagship, we do not get any official IP rating.

That means water-resistant, for example, in every flagship from last couple of viewers. Even if you take this is the Galaxy S 10 class, iPhone, 10s max, etc. These all have proper IP rating, and even you can actually put it in water submerge it nothing will happen so in Radi flagship still, we are not finding this IP official IP ratings. Next, if we talk about stereo speakers now lucky in the value flagships, we are saying stereo speakers, for example, the this generation of the one plus seven, the one plus seven, the 1 plus 7 pro both had a stereo speakers, even the a so sexy act that But one thing that I’ve noticed is very different as that in terms of audio output, though technically these 1 plus 7a, so 6e have a stereo speaker, but the quality of the speaker, the stereo separation that you should get in a proper stereo speaker, is simply not That great compared to true flagship from our example, the stereo output on the iPhone 10s max, is really really immersive.

You get that stereo experience even on the galaxy s 10 s 10, plus X, cetera so still for the namesake. Yes in the 1 plus 7a. So 6e, have that Steve, your speaker, but the quality of the sound, the stereo separation that you want to get. That effect is simply not that good. Even the depth is hardly there, but that is there on the flagship, even I would say, for a certain extent, on the pixel 3xl had much better audio output in terms of the superior speaker compared to the Phantom flasher.

Now this is a subjective thing also when it comes to weight and build quality. Don’T get me wrong. The values flagships also have become very good in terms of build quality. Now, but yes, with the true flagships, the build quality is even slightly better. For example, the iPhone 10s Dennis max have excellent build quality. In fact, when one area I do not like the iPhones is that they have worse stainless steel casing, hence the weight of the iPhone becomes really heavy.

In my opinion, some people like that some people don’t but in terms of weight, balance etc. I would say the Galaxy S 10, plus has done an incredible job. So it’s a big screen device, as you can see guys, but the weight balance has been done very well. It is actually very light to hold one of the lightest in terms of what do you say when we talk about this full screen size compared to other values for actual value flagships.

Their quality is also good, but what I’ve noticed is that, in terms of weight balance, I would still say some of the premium smartphones get that slightly better and that differentiates in regular day-to-day experience. For example, I have always felt that the oneplus 7 pro the weight balance was little higher. I would say it’s just spent a little bit more heavy, so you are also some of the flagships, I would say, for example, the Galaxy S and an s10 plus.

I have a better, what do you say fit balance, hence in the day to day usage they feel more comfortable to use. They do not feel that heavy now. Another thing that is simply not present on most of the value flagship smartphone is wireless charging, and this is due to the fact that implementing wireless charging does cost quite a bit. So simply, we do not have any wireless charging on the age of 60, even the 1 plus 7 and strangely, even on the ones plus 7 Pro.

But if you notice most of the flagship from the last couple of years, all of them have wireless charging. Even the pixel 3 X 3 and the 3 XL had wireless charging and obviously the Samsung’s and the even the iPhone have finest challenge, but just a convenient feature. I would say you might say it’s a gimmick, but, as I have been using these flagship phones for quite some time, I have some Wireless charges in my office, for example, this is the one that I have here on the desk.

I can just place the phone and it charges and have one more over. Then you can see on the screen, it’s a flat one, so I can just place the phone on the desk and it just charges. So it’s a convenient feature that we have and many of the new cards are having wireless charging features. So I feel yes, it’s a good feature to have on a flagship phone, but sadly still we do not find that on value of flagships because of the cost of implementing it.

For example, some of the new phones even have the reverse Wireless Channing, the galaxy s, stem is 10 plus etc. Have that and some of the even Huawei phones have that? Yes, I would say it’s not required, but it’s a convenient feature if you’re paying that much. Why not have it, but simply we don’t find that on value flagships also. Lastly, this is narrowing that this gap is actually narrowing a lot now in terms of cameras, I would say still the true flagships offer the best camera performance.

It’S not to say that the value flagships camera are bad, but still, if you look at it and if we compare the pictures side-by-side yes, the true flag should have slightly better cameras that we are getting. But this gap is closing as we move ahead. I would say also some minor things that I’ve do between flagships and value fracture system in terms of the haptic motor, that is the vibration motor. I have noticed that the flagships definitely have a better haptic motor.

For example, the iPhones top tech engine is known to be great, and even the vibration motor on the s10 plus is slightly better. In fact, oneplus really improved the haptic feedback on the 1 plus 7 pro on the 1 plus 7. Pro, I would say, the vibration motor is really good. That’S the same case even with the pixel 3 XL, but in terms of value flagships. Still, the haptic feedback. Vibration, motor that you get is not as good as we found on the true flap chips.

Yes, I would say that the vibration motor is better on the 1 plus 7 pro compared to the 1 plus 7. Don’T want, let’s say it’s the same. I do not feel that the vibration feedback that I get on the 7 pro is better than the one plus 7 and lastly, is regarding the screen quality. The flagships get that quad HD screen very high resolution screens, the latest in the screen technology, whereas most of the value flagship, sir, no, not bad.

I am very good, I would say they come with mostly at 1080p, or a full HD plus screen, and they don’t get the best and latest screen technologies on them. So here also, you notice a difference about again the in day-to-day performance. I would say you won’t notice it that much unless you are very, very picky but yeah the flagships get the best quality screens. And lastly, this is one area where I would say – and this is very peculiar in India – is again in terms of flagships.

For example, if you have the iPhone, we have the Apple pay, so you can do the payments. Why that button in the Apple pay is not there, so it’s not relevant, but I would say the Samsung flagship phone. For example, if you take s 8’s, 9s, 10 etcetera, all of these have Samsung pay and MMS teacher. So you can just put your credit card on this one and you can just tap to any chaos and do a payment. And actually I use that when I’m using a Samsung phone – and I really appreciate that – I don’t know why.

Other Android providers are not that. Yes, we have google pay, but Google Play is not as seamless. You need. Those newer machines which I’m not there in almost every retail shop but Samsung with the Samsung pay, has the MST chip on this, whereas it works with any dumb machine. Any credit card machine and I feel again that’s a really good feature to have, but sadly that’s only found in true flagships and specifically in India, you know only on Samsung flagships.

So yes, as you can see, these are the main differences between a value flagship and a true flagship. The good thing is that, with the value flagship, you’re not missing a lot, you getting the process, the performance, because the processor is almost the same as found on a true flagship. But yes, some of the certain features that I’ve mentioned are still missing on. What do you say value flagship, but again you are paying almost twice the amount for a true flagship.

For example, you can get a value flagship less than about 35,000, whereas a true flagship cost anywhere about in India, 62 about 70 or 75 thousand. That’S almost double the cost of a finally flagship, and you are definitely paying also for the brand name and the brand image. There is also a premium, I would say in terms of features you’re getting about 25 30 percent of extra features, but you’re paying almost twice the amount for the brand image and the brand name.

Also, one thing that I’ve found recently in true flagship star that cutting edge technologies generally come first on true flag, so, for example, that we have seen with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 class. This has the ultrasonic a fingerprint scanner which is again not to be found on any other smartphone, because it’s very what do you say? Something did a lot of research and then only they can do that.

So I mean things like that: cutting-edge stuff, for example. Again, the foldable phone – smart phones are also going to come out very soon, but initially they’ll be only restricted to super premium fill actions. So this was a small article. The differences between what do you say, value, flagships and true flagships, and I would say, if price to performance ratio is your highest criteria, then definitely the value flagships are much better.

But again you want every Bell and whistle on your smartphone, the cutting-edge stuff, I would say still you have to go with the proper flagship and again do let me know what is the one feature that you would like to see on value flagship that is present On these premium flagship smartphone, maybe some of the OEMs might read this article and implement. So what does your top one feature that you would like to be present on value flagship smartphones? Do let me know in the comment section below anyways guys this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next article take care guys


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