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What is an easy urdu keyboard?

The normal process of a keyboard is to type a sentence or a document. It is the major mediator in between two people for communication. To type any letters to higher officials and to write our requests to any court-based cases these types of keyboards are used.

Introduction of easy Urdu keyboard :

When Urdu language is declared as the national language in Pakistan in the year 1947. This Urdu keyboard was first published at that time in Pakistan for national use. Later variety of keyboards with different layouts came into action with slight changes in the letters.

This urgent use of keyboards at that time causes various diverse people to adopt their own style. Since the speaking language has become the national language the Pakistanis supported it a lot and also they used to chant Mantras to pray thier God in that language.

What is the national language means?

In a small country or continent, we can see or hear the term called National language. Generally, the national language is decided only on the basis of the majority of the language spoken by the citizens of that country. The officials or authorities of the region will do a survey on it and make a committee. Then finally the decision is then declared.  And rules and regulations are also must do in the beginning only.


  1. As we know that the national language of India is “Hindi” .
  2. The national language of America is  “English”.
  3. The national language of Pakistan country is “Urdu” etc,.

Foundation of Urdu keyboard in India:

There must need of communication between neighboring countries. This caused India to improve their knowledge on Urdu typewriting. In mid of the year  1963, the newly established central language board in Pakistan finally standardized the typewriter keyboard.

Then it is opted by the Indian government for our use. Since our Indian National language is Hindi there is only a small change in Urdu and Hindi but the officials of thier country are accepting only thier language.

Modifications made in this keyboard in the earlier generations :

In the first generation, it is just established only in the years 1963 and 1964. Later in the second generation of was modified depending upon the typists balancing the load on the keyboard in the year 1974.

But in the year 1980 while it going on third-generation the national language authority of Pakistan developed another layout based on “Naskh script”  then it going to have 46 keys to type 71 Urdu vowels, consonants, punctuation marks and diacritics. It is also included with 21 key symbols of mathematic operations and calculations. In the last fourth generation under the supervision of Dr. Attash Durrani in the year 1998

again new layout came out with the best Urdu encoding keyboard which has the ability of a teleprinter.

How to setup Urdu keyboard on our pc:

Manually you can add any keyboard language in our pc by the following method.

Step 1: First go to the settings option on the pc then click on the keyboard settings icon.

Step 2: Next click on the regional languages option.

Step 3: Then press on keyboards button.

Step 4: Click on add layout. select the language Urdu. Then a new layout keyboard is ready to use.

Step 5: If you want to remove the added layout just click on the remove button.

To remove or avoid these types of complications you can also download the east Urdu keyboard app using blue stacks software application or you can also download it from an apk file which is probably provided with the latest version in our official website.

How to use urdu keyboard in mobile:

If you have the latest Android or iOS versions then simply go to the settings site in your mobile. Next tap on languages and input. Then click on the virtual keyboard under the keyboards section. After that tap on the Gboards languages option. Then choose the Urdu language and then turn it on. That’s it now you can use the your own wished easy Urdu keyboard.

We can also manage having this app without the above steps just by going to the play store or app store and downloading the respective keyboard.

Advantages of easy Urdu keyboard :

* It enables to type the Urdu letters very fast with high accuracy.

*By using a virtual keyboard or on-screen keyboard we can type by using the mouse.

*It is available in both normal form and phonetic form keyboard.

*Available in different fonts and styles.

* Used as a best keyboard for translation of other languages into Urdu.

* Tele printers are also available in this language.

* Variety of themes are available and designs can be made using letters also.

* Multilingual settings are also available in this app at a time.

Disadvantages of easy Urdu keyboard :

* It is a nightmare for a person who sees it for the first time to use.

* Needs lots of practice to use it.

* Almost all keys are similar to see.

* There are more chances to do or write the spelling mistakes which are not well known to us.

* It is very difficult to understand this language in a short period of time.


This easy Urdu keyboard is a wonderful one to those who are working as typewriters in government offices. The size of this app is very low 33MB and having more than 10 million-plus downloads having an average rating of 4.5 now. It belongs to the productive and communicative category.

This app was developed by pakdaya developers private limited company which is having its headquarters in Pakistan only and the latest version of this app is 3.10.45 and it was updated on 18th August in the year 2020.

Since more no of the Muslim community people are present in Pakistan they are well known about this urdu language. They can express their own feeling about a thing or case in a better way in their mother language which is nonother than Urdu.

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